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Developer Toolbar for Magento2

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🎁 Currently, the ADM_QuickDevBar module has been refactored heavily: The architecture is redesigned to be compatible with Full page cache and fit coding standard ✨ New functionalities are plugged: VarDumper handler, SQL backtrace, and more see Changelog . The refactoring has come available under a new major version 0.2.0.


Supported versions: Magento 2.4.x till 2.4.6 but should work with lower version. See composer.json for other requirements.


Hope this debug toolbar can speed up Magento2 development module. Any feedback and idea to improve this toolbar will be appreciated 🍻 so get in touch via the issue tracker on GitHub. Feel free to fork and pull request. The structure of this toolbar is extremely simple you just need to add a new block in the layout to get your tab running.


  • Info : Main informations about controller, route, action and store. Search on core config data. Dedicated tab output for local and global phpinfo.
  • Design : List handles called and display layout structure of nested blocks and containers
  • Profile : View current observers, all events dispatched, collections and models loaded, plugins instanciated, preferences, cache hits
  • Queries : Statistics about executed queries and detailed query listing with syntax highlighting of main SQL keywords
  • Logs : Display log files with ability to reset these files
  • Dump : Catch all dump() in code
  • Actions : Easily toggle template hints and inline translation and flush cache
  • Translation : Quickly see module, pack,theme and DB translations
  • Help : Show module version and link to github


  • Info tab

  • Queries Tab

  • Theme chooser


Manual (without composer)

  • Download zip file of the last version of this extension under release tab
  • Extract files in the Magento root directory in the folder app/code/ADM/QuickDevBar
  • Enable the extension
php bin/magento --clear-static-content module:enable ADM_QuickDevBar
  • Upgrade Magento setup
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

With Composer

In the Magento root directory

  • Install the module
composer require vpietri/adm-quickdevbar --dev
php bin/magento module:enable ADM_QuickDevBar 
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

With Modman

In the Magento root directory

  • Install the module
modman clone
php bin/magento module:enable ADM_QuickDevBar 
php bin/magento setup:upgrade


  • Upgrade Magento setup
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • Clear cache
php bin/magento cache:flush


The toolbar is displayed by default if your web server is on your local development environment.

You can force activation via command line

php bin/magento dev:quickdevbar:enable

and activate full sql backtrace

php bin/magento dev:quickdevbar:enable --sql-qdb-profiler

Or via the standard configuration in the Advanced/Developer/Quick dev bar section.

If you do not see the toolbar you should either force activation by filling your IP in the field "Allowed IPs" and fill a matching pattern of you user-agent in the field "Allowed user-agent pattern" if it's needed.

URI File to IDE

(Beta) In PhpStorm you can use IDE Remote Control to open file


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  • Changelog
  • You can extend this toolbar with your own tabs, a sample module is available. (refactoring coming soon)