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SweetJS is inspired by Backbone, written in CoffeeScript, and much lighter. It doesn't sync or handle events like Backbone.

Sweet.Base introduces class level include to support multiple inheritence. Also you can subclass views and add new events and attributes from subclasses without overriding parent class events.

Router suppoers history.back() and setting a state object. This lets you synchronize browser back button and web app back button - this is needed specially on mobile devices since browser toolbar dissapears.

SweetJS requires jQuery and Underscore.


Model is a simple class that would add default values to a key-value set.


View has most of the functions in Backbone.View and also supports subclassing, where you can register new events and/or override events from parent classes.

Also multiple initializers can be registered, aiding subclassing.


Similar to Backbone.Router. Supports history.back() and HTML5 history states, falls back to hash tags if HTML5 history is not available.