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@Weya = {} unless @Weya?
Weya = @Weya

##Weya.Base Introduces class level function initialize and include.

class Base
 _initialize: []
 on: {}

 _extended: true

Extend Events

 @extend: ->
  events = @::on
  @::on = {}
  @::on[k] = v for k, v of events
  @::_extended = true

Add event listeners

 @listen: (name, func) ->
  @::on[name] = func


 @get: (name, func) ->
  @::__defineGetter__ name, func


 @set: (name, func) ->
  @::__defineSetter__ name, func

 constructor: ->
  @_init.apply this, arguments

####Register initialize functions. All initializer funcitons in subclasses will be called with the constructor arguments.

 @initialize: (func) ->
  #if not @::_extended
  # throw new Error 'Class not extended'

  @::_extended = false

  @::_initialize = @::_initialize.slice()
  @::_initialize.push func

 _init: ->
  for init in @_initialize
   init.apply this, arguments


####Include objects. You can include objects by registering them with @include. This tries to solve the problem of single inheritence.

 @include: (obj) ->
  for k, v of obj
   switch k
    when 'initialize'
     @::_initialize.push v
    when 'on'
     for event, listener of v
      @::on[event] = listener
     @prototype[k] = v

 @initialize ->
  events = @on
  @on = {}
  for k, v of events
   @on[k] = v.bind this

Weya.Base = Base

if module?
 module.exports = Weya.Base