VPN kill switch for macOS
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VPN kill switch for macOS, it will block outgoing traffic when VPN connection fails or crashes.



$ killswitch

To enable:

$ sudo killswitch -e

To disable:

$ sudo killswitch -d

Compile from source

Setup go environment https://golang.org/doc/install

For example using $HOME/go for your workspace

$ export GOPATH=$HOME/go

Create the directory:

$ mkdir -p $HOME/go/src/github.com/vpn-kill-switch

Clone project into that directory:

$ git clone git@github.com:vpn-kill-switch/killswitch.git $HOME/go/src/github.com/vpn-kill-switch/killswitch

Build by just typing make:

$ cd $HOME/go/src/github.com/vpn-kill-switch/killswitch
$ make