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Brutus - hosting management technology preview

Technology preview

During the first stage of developmnet the project will be kept as simple as possible. Text formats available for human interaction is be YAML or JSON. Machine communication is performed using JSON. Database backend is based on the shelve python module.

Supported software

  • Postfix 2.8


Current status: The simplistic database backend works and we are currently defining the requirements of the project, see

Developers are invited to help with the project, especially with the following tasks:

  • Updating the and docs
  • Providing examples of data items in examples/*.yaml files
  • Working on service backends in brutus/ or new modules
  • Creating JSON API based server and CLI and web clients
  • New ideas

Testing and debugging

Testing the database from the command line

Add a test domain.

./brutus-db add examples/domain.yaml

Add a test account with mail configuration.

./brutus-db add examples/mailaccount.yaml

Check the contents of the database.

./brutus-db dump

Generate testing configuration files

Generate text database files for Dovecot and Postfix.



We are currently publishing the software under a permissive 2-clause BSD license.


The project was created by members of the project. You can reach us in #vpsfree channel at IRC Freenode. All non-interactive project communication occurs at GitHub using issues and pull requests.