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PlantUML for DokuWiki

This plugin integrates PlantUML into the DukuWiki wiki engine. It allows to generate UML graph images from simple description text block.


  • Create any UML graph supported by PlantUML.
  • Generated images are PNGs.
  • Generated images are cached and regenerated when needed.
  • Toolbar button (optional)
  • Control the display witdh, height and alignment.
  • Works with the PlantUML webservice and/or a local installation.

Local Rendering

Requirements (for local PlantUML installation):

See PlantUML Installation Notes for troubleshooting.

Note that Java needs write access to the user DokuWiki is running as. It can be the user your webserver is running as. On some systems the home directory of such user is not writable by default. You can either fix the access or store Java settings elsewhere using plugin option java_systemroot.

For example, set java_systemroot to /home/java and ensure the directory exists and is writable:

$ mkdir /home/java
$ chown www-data:www-data /home/java

www-data is the user apache is running as on Debian systems, replace this with the user your DokuWiki is running as.

Remote Rendering

The plugin can use PlantUML server to generate diagrams. So nothing is required to be installed on the server running DokuWiki. However, the server must have a access to the Web. This can be an issue if you're on a Corporate network for example.

If you set java and plantuml location in the configuration (in the Administration section of DokuWiki), then java will be used to compress the url.


This block describes a sequence diagram:

Alice -> Bob: Authentication Request
Bob --> Alice: Authentication Response

Alice -> Bob: Another authentication Request
Alice <-- Bob: another authentication Response

and results in:


Control display size

Inside the start tag <uml>, you can specify the width and/or height of the image using one of the following ways:

<uml w=100>
<uml width=100>
<uml w=80%>
<uml width=80%>
<uml 100x200>

Image Title

By default, html img title attribute is set to "PlantUML Graph". You can specify your own graph title like this:

<uml title="This will be the title">
<uml t=Diagram>

Note: Multiple words need to be placed in double quotes.



A plugin for Dokuwiki that generates UML graphs from text using PlantUML






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