Version 0.19.0

@herom herom released this Mar 16, 2017 · 1 commit to master since this release

  • [FIX] Fixed missing namespace declaration on Array if the namespace is already declared with another prefix. (#923)
  • [DOC] Fix spelling error (#917)
  • [FIX] Add sequence to field if it's defined within the complextType (#914)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Drop deprecated node-uuid package and use the uuid (successor) instead (#913)
  • [FIX] Only add references for the soap:Body and wsse:Security/Timestamp elements in WSSecurityCert (#911)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Updated ejs package version in package.json (#908)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added possiblity to pass your own "custom deserializer" within the wsdlOptions in createClient() method (#901)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added possibility to use your own "exchange ID" (#907)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added "exchange ID" (eid) in emitted client events (#903)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added option to suppress error stack in server response (#904)
  • [FIX] Set namespace prefix for first element if elementFormDefault=unqualified (#905)
  • [FIX] Fixed test (use assert instead of should() chain) in test/server-test.js (#906)
  • [DOC] Fix documentation in test/request-response-samples/ (#900)


Version 0.18.0

@jsdevel jsdevel released this Nov 26, 2016 · 17 commits to master since this release

  • [DOC] Added documentation for adding custom http header (#890)
  • [DOC] Update soap stub example (#883)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add body parameter to soap responding stub. (#897)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added Stream support. (#837)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Avoid matching <x:Envelope> tags inside comments (#877)
  • [FIX] Ensure that supplied request-object is passed through. (#894)
  • [FIX] Fix exception 'Parameter 'url' must be a string, not object' (#870)
  • [FIX] Handle empty SOAP Body properly. (#891)
  • [FIX] Set lodash dependency version to ^3.10.1 (#895)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Fix test case description (#886)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Fixed request-response-samples-test so that tests with only request.xml and request.json actually get run (#878)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Fixing minor jshint issues. (#884)


Version 0.17.0

@jsdevel jsdevel released this Sep 9, 2016 · 30 commits to master since this release

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add option for disabling the WSDL cache (#876)
  • [DOC] Add escapeXML option to README file (#874)
  • [DOC] updated readme for express support (#873)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] express server support (#872)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] better error 1. SOAP message missing evelope and body 2. request/response tests (#869)
  • [FIX] Fix possible crash when send empty post using postman (#861)
  • [FIX] fix ExtensionElement description to match order (#866)
  • [DOC] Added descriptions for actor, hasNonce & mustUndertand options (#865)
  • [FIX] Fix namespaces in client soap requests (#863)
  • [FIX] Always submit valid XML from the client. (#862)
  • [MAINTENANCE] mustUnderstand must be 0 or 1.. with tests (#850)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Remove special handling of methods only taking a string paramter (#854)


Version 0.16.0

@jsdevel jsdevel released this Jun 23, 2016 · 43 commits to master since this release

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add nonce and soap:actor support for WSSecurity (#851)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Fix typo in readme (#853)
  • [FIX fixes and issue that causes the module to break if no re or req.headers present in client (#852)
  • [FIX] fixed the soap request envelop generation part when request has complex Type as root. (#849)
  • [FIX] Gracefully handle errors while parsing xml in xmlToObject and resume the parser with p.resume() (#842)
  • [FIX] XSD import in WSDL files and relative path (server creation) - resubmit (#846)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Support array of certs for ClientSSLSecurity ca. (#841)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Attribute value of body id in double quotes (#843)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Bumping ursa to 0.9.4 (#836)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Optionally add Created to wssecurity header (#833)
  • [MAINTENANCE] Clean up brace style (#835)
  • [FIX] Fix custom http client not being used when fetching related resources (#834)


Version 0.15.0

@herom herom released this May 9, 2016 · 56 commits to master since this release

  • [FIX] Make ursa an optional dependency since it's currently nearly impossible to install soap on a windows machine otherwise (#832)
  • [FIX] Fixed issue of referencing element in another namespace (#831)
  • [FIX] Fixed incorrect WSDL in CDATA tests (#830)
  • [FIX] Added mocks for node.js streams cork/uncork in tests (for node >= 4.x) (#829)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added basic CDATA support (#787)
  • [DOC] Added missing documentation about Client.setEndpoint(url) (#827)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added toc node-module in order to generate TOC in via npm run toc command (#826)
  • [FIX] Fix elementFormDefault handling (#822)
  • [FIX] Added missing compress node-module to package.json dependencies (#823)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] The client response event is now triggered with the "raw" IncomingMessage object as second parameter (#816)
  • [DOC] Added note about the keep-alive workaround to prevent truncation of longer chunked reponses in node > 0.10.x (#818)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Make it possible to overwrite the request module, e.g. for using multipart-body for file up- and downloads (#817)


Version 0.14.0

@herom herom released this Apr 12, 2016 · 78 commits to master since this release

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Allow to call methods with callback as last param in order to align with node.js callback last pattern (#814)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Re-enabled ignoreBaseNameSpaces option (#809)
  • [FIX] Avoid overwriting request headers with options in client method invocation (#813)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Accept time value in in extraHeaders options in order to retrieve the lastElapsedTime for the response (#811)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Allow to set a custom envelope key for the SOAP request (#812)
  • [FIX] Removed double declaration of WSDL variable in lib/soap.js (#810)
  • [DOC] Added documentation for wsdl_options and wsdl_headers options in createClient() method (#806)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added support to override the namespace definition of the root element (#805)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Ignore "whitespace only" differences in request/response sample tests in order to make differences easier to spot (#804)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added support for WSSecurity XML signing with x509 certificats. Dropped support for node.js < 0.10.x (#801)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remove assertions/checkin of certificates in ClientSSLSecurity (#800)


Version 0.13.0

@herom herom released this Feb 16, 2016 · 101 commits to master since this release

  • [FIX] Maintain ignoredNamespaces option when processing WSDL includes (#796)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] SOAP Headers for server response & changeSoapHeader() method for client & server (#792)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added XML declaration (version & encoding) to client requests (#797)
  • [DOC] Added example for server.options to README, fixed typos in CONTRIBUTING (#798)
  • [FIX] Keep nsContext stack consistent even on recursive calls (#799)
  • [FIX] Prevent NPE when processing an empty children array (#789)


Version 0.12.0

@jsdevel jsdevel released this Feb 2, 2016 · 114 commits to master since this release

  • [MAINTENANCE] updating lodash to 3.x.x
  • [FIX] Schema overwrite when include a xsd with xsd:include (#788)


Version 0.11.4

@jsdevel jsdevel released this Jan 9, 2016 · 118 commits to master since this release

  • [MAINTENANCE] Adding coverage to project.


Version 0.11.3

@jsdevel jsdevel released this Jan 9, 2016 · 120 commits to master since this release

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Overriding the namespace prefix with empty prefix. (#779)
  • [FIX] Wrong namespace on elements when complexType has same name. (#781)
  • [FIX] Improved 'https' pattern matching for local files with name starting with 'http'. (#780)
  • [FIX] Handles SOAP result null output. (#778)