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// Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 by David Scherer and others.
// Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 by Jonathan Brandmeyer and others.
// See the file license.txt for complete license terms.
// See the file authors.txt for a complete list of contributors.
#include "renderable.hpp"
#include "text.hpp"
#include <vector>
namespace cvisual {
class label : public renderable
label( const label& other);
virtual ~label();
void set_pos( const vector& n_pos);
shared_vector& get_pos();
void set_x( double x);
double get_x();
void set_y( double y);
double get_y();
void set_z( double z);
double get_z();
void set_color( const rgb& n_color);
rgb get_color();
void set_red( float x);
double get_red();
void set_green( float x);
double get_green();
void set_blue( float x);
double get_blue();
void set_opacity( float);
double get_opacity();
void set_text( const std::wstring& t);
std::wstring get_text();
void set_space( double space);
double get_space();
void set_xoffset( double xoffset);
double get_xoffset();
void set_yoffset( double yoffset);
double get_yoffset();
void set_border( double border);
double get_border();
void set_font_family( const std::wstring& name);
std::wstring get_font_family();
void set_font_size(double);
double get_font_size();
void render_box( bool);
bool has_box();
void render_line( bool);
bool has_line();
void set_linecolor( const rgb& color);
rgb get_linecolor();
void set_background( const rgb& color);
rgb get_background();
// In world space:
shared_vector pos;
double space;
// In pixels:
double xoffset; // offset from pos + space to the box
double yoffset;
double border; // space between text and box
/// A common name for the font.
std::wstring font_description;
/// The nominal size of the font, in pixels.
double font_size;
bool box_enabled; ///< True to draw a box around the text
bool line_enabled; ///< True to draw a line to the text.
// bitmap_font* font;
rgb linecolor; ///< The color of the lines in the label. (color is for text)
float opacity; ///< The opacity of the background for the text.
rgb background; // by default, the color of scene.background
std::wstring text;
bool text_changed;
boost::shared_ptr<layout> text_layout;
virtual void gl_render( const view&);
virtual vector get_center() const;
virtual void grow_extent( extent& );
} // !namespace cvisual
#endif // !defined VPYTHON_LABEL_HPP
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