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#pragma once
#include "mouseobject.hpp"
namespace cvisual {
// mouse_manager is reponsible for translating physical mouse movements into VPython
// mouse events and camera actions.
class mouse_manager {
mouse_manager( class display_kernel& display );
// Called by the display driver to report mouse movement
// Ideally this should be called in event handlers so that each successive change in mouse state
// is captured in order, but a driver might just call this periodically with the current state.
// If the mouse is locked, but has "moved" by (dx,dy), the driver should pass get_x()+dx, get_y()+dy
void report_mouse_state(int physical_button_count, bool is_button_down[],
int cursor_client_x, int cursor_client_y,
int shift_state_count, bool shift_state[],
bool driver_can_lock_mouse );
bool is_mouse_locked(); //< If this is true, the display driver should hide the mouse cursor and prevent it from moving
// Get the current position of the mouse cursor relative to the window client area
int get_x();
int get_y();
mouse_t& get_mouse();
void report_setcursor( int, int );
void update( bool new_buttons[], int new_px, int new_py, bool new_shift[], bool can_lock );
mouse_t mouse;
display_kernel& display;
bool buttons[2];
int px, py;
bool locked;
int locked_px, locked_py;
bool left_down, left_dragging, left_semidrag;
bool middle_down, middle_dragging, middle_semidrag;
bool right_down, right_dragging, right_semidrag;
} // namespace cvisual
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