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VPython CVS is maintained at
Anonymous access is via pserver, as user anonymous, empty password.
Mainline development is taking place in the "vpython-core2" module.
Set the version number appropriately in,
and in the first line of
Windows and Mac builds are now special to them;
see VCBuild/VCBuild.txt and MAC-OSX.txt.
In site-packages/vidle the file "edit with vidle.reg" contains registry
settings for enabling correct startup of VIDLE by right-clicking a .py file.
These settings should be imposed by the VPython installer.
If you do development of the Visual source code:
A convenient development environment on Linux (and other platforms) is
Eclipse. On Ubuntu Linux, the package manager version of Eclipse doesn't
seem to work, due to issues with java licensing. The easy thing to do is
simply to use the package manager to install java, but to download Eclipse
If you use eclipse, choose "CVS Repositories". In the upper right
corner of the CVS Repositories frame, click on the icon for "Add CVS
Repository". Specify host as and
path as /cvsroot/visualpython. Choose extssh as the connection type.
For Linux:
In src/gtk2 there is a simple non-autoconf makefile for Ubuntu 8 as of Nov. 2008.
It is unlikely to be kept up to date, but it gives an example of the basic
elements of what the rather complex autoconf machinery needs to produce., configure, and the helper programs for them are not maintained
in CVS. You will have to run the script after a fresh checkout to
create configure. You need to execute "chmod +x" in order to be
able to execute ./
The result of executing is to produce the following files:
configure (from and acinclude.m4) (from
config.guess, config.sub,, missing
The source distribution is built with "make dist-bzip2".
"make bzip" is also supported.
Please provide patches in unified diff format, as generated with
$ cvs diff -u
This project uses tabs for indentation in C++, and spaces in Python.
We do not use a separate developer's mailing list, so please direct any
development-related questions to