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Add beautiful jQuery Login dialog box and logout/account links at every page of your site.

This block uses the core login page to validate the user, and allows users to sign in using there concrete5 login credentials. The Register button hides if registration disabled by admin


Login to your site as admin.

Go to Dashboard->Extened concrete5->Add Functionality and click install button near the Login Dialog icon.

#Using For placing Login Dialog block do the following things.

Click Add Content to The Page button on Dashboard

Scroll down a little bit.

In Other section of Blocks drag User Login Dialog icon and drop it on your page.

#"Login/Register" in single line

To display Welcome message in single line do the following things:

  1. Login to youre site.

  2. Enter to edit mode by clicking Pencil icon in Dashboard

  3. Left click on Login Dialog block and select Design and Appearance menu

  4. Click on Custom CSS classes Icon. Edit window will appear

  5. In User Classes textbox type "in-line" (without quotes) and click Save.

  6. Here you can also change font size by typing "font-16", "font-14", "font-12" an so on

And don't forget to publish youre changes

Config Block have only three parameters:

Title - dialog box title. (default: Dialog) Login button text - Text displayed on login button. (default: Login) Register button text - Text displayed on register button. (default: Register)


jQueryUI Dialog Login Block for Concrete5 CMS




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