Netbeans plugin to report code measurements generated by phpcs, phpmd, phpcpd and pdepend as Tasks and Annotations
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Netbeans plugin to report code measurements generated by phpcs, phpmd, phpcpd and pdepend as tasks and annotations.


  • open Tools -> Plugins and select the "Available Plugins" tab
  • search and install phpcsmd

  • check out this repository and open it with Netbeans
  • right click the project and select "Install/Reload in Development IDE"


  • Open Tools->Options->PHP->PHPCSMD to configure the plugin
  • You can scan files and folders by right clicking on the file/folder or source code and choose "Check for violations" or "Scan with Pdepend"
  • Right click on the PHP-Project and choose Properties -> PHPCSMD to set project specific settings


  • enable "try threading analysis" to prevent Netbeans from freezing during scan
  • enable "update on save" to rescan the file each time you save
  • Open "Action Items" by pressing Ctrl + 6 to get a nice overview of all your violations
  • enter ".(svn|git)" (or any other regex) to prevent this files/folders from being scanned
  • first configure the path to phpcs, click "show standards" and choose your favorite standard you can also enter a path to standard in the "--standard" option if your favorite standard is not installed in pear
  • enable "Use tabs to organize PdependReport" and "Create JDepend statistics" to get a better view on the metrics
  • Deactivate "Create JDepend statics" if you don't care about package abstraction/instability to increase the pdepend performance
  • activate PHPCPD folder scan to detect duplicated source code between your source files '''NOTE''': files with violations will be rescanned on save (if activated) until all phpcpd violations have been eliminated.

Thank you

I would like to thank Hugo Fonseca for his suggestions, bug reports and inspirations.