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1fe2f33 Rename to Adminer
jakubvrana authored
1 Adminer 1.11.0:
d204a6e Connection through socket
jakubvrana authored
2 Connection through socket by server :/path/to/socket
03231f9 Prepare export simplification
jakubvrana authored
3 Simplify export
faa43e4 Display execution time in SQL query
jakubvrana authored
4 Display execution time in SQL query
86a9351 Relative date and time functions
jakubvrana authored
5 Relative date and time functions
7f3b4f2 Version checker
jakubvrana authored
6 Version checker
cd07584 Save SQL query to history
jakubvrana authored
7 Save queries to history and display it on SQL page
6a68408 Describe changes
jakubvrana authored
8 Ability to select all rows on current page of select
540e217 Separate JavaScript
jakubvrana authored
9 Separate JavaScript functions
deeb3b1 Move to
jakubvrana authored
10 Always use the default style before the external one
bc984b9 Fix single language generation
jakubvrana authored
11 Always try to use the syntax highlighter
6a68408 Describe changes
jakubvrana authored
12 All privileges in user rights
111cbb3 Fix compile
jakubvrana authored
13 Fix FOUND_ROWS() in SQL command
6a68408 Describe changes
jakubvrana authored
14 Export only selected columns in select
15 Include views in drop and move on database overview
b142000 Hide fieldsets in select
jakubvrana authored
16 Hide fieldsets in select
6a68408 Describe changes
jakubvrana authored
17 Use \n in SQL commands
d204a6e Connection through socket
jakubvrana authored
4e5b126 Highlight odd and hover rows
jakubvrana authored
19 phpMinAdmin 1.10.1:
20 Highlight odd and hover rows
9c71e98 Change odd and hover colors (thanks to Ondrej Valka)
jakubvrana authored
21 Partition editing comfort (bug #2783446)
bbacf88 Allow full length in limited int (thanks to Vlasta Neubauer)
jakubvrana authored
22 Allow full length in limited int (thanks to Vlasta Neubauer)
4e5b126 Highlight odd and hover rows
jakubvrana authored
ba64201 Document changes
jakubvrana authored
24 phpMinAdmin 1.10.0:
25 Partitioning (MySQL 5.1)
26 CSV import
27 Plus and minus functions
28 Option to stop on error in SQL command (thanks to Vaclav Marik)
29 Cross links to select and table (bug #2236232), link new item
30 Suhosin compatibility (thanks to Klemens Hackel)
31 Remove max_allowed_packet from export
5938d0a Read style from phpMinAdmin.css if exists
jakubvrana authored
32 Read style from phpMinAdmin.css if exists
16f4210 Function minification
jakubvrana authored
33 Size reduction by minification of variables and functions
d73367c Russian translation
jakubvrana authored
34 Russian translation
ba64201 Document changes
jakubvrana authored
36 phpMinAdmin 1.9.1:
37 Update translations
39 phpMinAdmin 1.9.0:
40 List of tables and views with maintenance commands
41 Clone rows
42 Bulk edit and clone
43 Function results in edit
44 NOT operators in select
45 Search without column restriction
46 Use type=password for unhashed password
47 Only one button for each action in select
48 Choose language through option-list
49 XHTML syntax errors (thanks to kozotoc)
50 Don't set global variable in export
51 SHOW DATABASES can be revoked
52 Order by function result working also in older MySQL versions
53 Tested on IIS (thanks to
55 phpMinAdmin 1.8.0:
56 Events (MySQL 5.1)
57 Access without login - accept ?username=
58 Print SQL query in select, messages and warnings
59 Display number of found rows
60 Don't wrap lines in select table
61 Italian and Estonian translation
62 Order by COUNT(*)
64 phpMinAdmin 1.7.0:
65 Customizable export (select objects to export, SQL or CSV)
66 Ability to alter existing tables and drop old tables in export
67 Choose columns in select, aggregation
68 Order rows by clicking on table heading
69 Truncate only search results
70 Automatically select name for trigger
71 Chinese and French translation
72 Preserve default values when altering table
73 Maintain auto_increment when moving columns
74 Smaller multilingual file
75 Cache static files
76 Faster checking of number of results
78 phpMinAdmin 1.6.1:
79 Set session parameters only if not session.auto_start
81 phpMinAdmin 1.6.0:
82 Order of columns in table
83 Set max_allowed_packet in dump and use extended insert
84 Spanish and German translations
85 Use images for editing buttons
86 Protection against big POST data
87 Logout by POST
88 Information about logged user
89 Separate stylesheet
90 Last-Modified header for files
91 Several bug fixes
93 phpMinAdmin 1.5.0:
94 Mass delete
95 Vertical privileges
96 Specify connection port by colon in server
97 Ignore length in date and time types
98 Boolean fulltext search for all columns in MyISAM
99 Shrink compiled output
100 Remove maxlength from server and username
101 Uncheck NULL by change
102 Mark shortened fields in select
104 phpMinAdmin 1.4.0:
105 Privileges
106 New design
107 Dutch translation
108 Use NULL for auto_increment (bug #1768966)
109 Fix dropping procedure parameters
111 phpMinAdmin 1.3.2:
112 Next field by JavaScript in foreign keys
113 Set time zone in dump
114 Refresh lang cookie
115 Remember drop result in case of faulty create
116 Move vertical lines in schema properly
117 Fix maximum page in select
119 phpMinAdmin 1.3.1:
120 Move references lines in schema
121 Fix dump
122 Fix update links
124 phpMinAdmin 1.3.0:
125 Breadcrumb navigation
126 Operator IN
127 Timestamp default values
128 Draggable tables in schema
129 Number of rows in navigation
130 Display MySQL version and used PHP extension
131 More friendly user interface
132 Slovak translation
134 phpMinAdmin 1.2.0:
135 Manipulate triggers
136 PDO Abstraction
137 Auto_increment value
138 JavaScript for adding rows
140 phpMinAdmin 1.1.0:
141 Routines manipulation
142 Views manipulation
143 Foreign keys manipulation
144 Database schema with references
145 Processlist
146 Index length
147 Dump individual tables
148 JavaScript for next rows in table edit
149 Cache databases list
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