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Transactions in export
Create view and routine options
Variables editation, especially timezone (or set by PHP date.timezone)
Highlight SQL textarea, then display query inside textarea in select - may use external CodeMirror
Blob download and image display in edit form (important for Editor with hidden fields in select)
Add title to Logout, edit (in select) and select (in menu) in style "hever"
Shift-click in checkboxes to select range
Export by GET parameters
Only first part of big BZ2 export is readable, files are missing in TAR
Auto-refresh processlist (thanks to Jan Garaj)
Save schema layout to #hash in URL
Double click in select - Esc to abort editation
XML export
? Filter by value in row under <thead> in select
? Column and table names auto-completition in SQL textarea
? Aliasing of built-in functions can save 7 KB, function minification can save 7 KB, substitution of repetitive $a["a"] can save 4 KB, substitution of $_GET and friends can save 2 KB, aliasing of $connection->query, $connection->result and $connection->quote can save ~ 3 KB, JS packer can save 1 KB, not enclosing HTML attribute values can save 1.2 KB, replacing \\n by \n can save .3 KB
? Branch binary_compile: LZW compression of translations can save 30 KB, LZW compression of all texts can save 11 KB, remove of base64_decode() + using chars 127-255 in minification can save 1 KB
Checkbox for boolean searches
JavaScript data validation - columns containing word email, url, ...
Joining tables - PRIMARY KEY (table, joining)
Rank, Tree structure
Add whisperer to fields with foreign key to big table
JS calendar for date fields
Saving of MySQL 5 BIT data type - don't use quote()
? Geometry support
ASC and DESC instead of text length in index
Delimiter in export and SQL command
Backward keys in Editor
Display number of schemas in databases overview
Users - SELECT * FROM pg_user
Export -
Column rights -
Dollar terminated string in SQL command
bool in Editor
Non UTF-8 character sets
Detection of table collation
PDO driver with seek
clob comparable with string
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