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$translations = array(
'Too many unsuccessful logins, try again in %d minute(s).' => array('Too many unsuccessful logins, try again in %d minute.', 'Too many unsuccessful logins, try again in %d minutes.'),
'Query executed OK, %d row(s) affected.' => array('Query executed OK, %d row affected.', 'Query executed OK, %d rows affected.'),
'%d byte(s)' => array('%d byte', '%d bytes'),
'Routine has been called, %d row(s) affected.' => array('Routine has been called, %d row affected.', 'Routine has been called, %d rows affected.'),
'%d process(es) have been killed.' => array('%d process has been killed.', '%d processes have been killed.'),
'%d row(s)' => array('%d row', '%d rows'),
'%d item(s) have been affected.' => array('%d item has been affected.', '%d items have been affected.'),
'%d row(s) have been imported.' => array('%d row has been imported.', '%d rows have been imported.'),
'%d e-mail(s) have been sent.' => array('%d e-mail has been sent.', '%d e-mails have been sent.'),
'%d in total' => '%d in total',
'%d query(s) executed OK.' => array('%d query executed OK.', '%d queries executed OK.'),
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