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Adminer 4.8.2-dev:
Support multi-line table comments
MySQL: Use ST_SRID() instead of SRID() for MySQL 8 (PR #418)
PostgreSQL: Don't reset table comments (regression from 4.2.0)
PostgreSQL PDO: Allow editing rows identified by boolean column (PR #380)
Adminer 4.8.1 (released 2021-05-14):
Internet Explorer or PDO in Adminer 4.7.8-4.8.0: Fix XSS in doc_link (bug #797)
Fix more PHP 8 warnings (bug #781)
Avoid PHP warnings with PDO drivers (bug #786, regression from 4.7.8)
MySQL: Allow moving views to other DB and renaming DB with views (bug #783)
MariaDB: Do not treat sequences as views (PR #416)
PostgreSQL: Support UPDATE OF triggers (bug #789)
PostgreSQL: Support triggers with more events (OR)
PostgreSQL: Fix parsing of foreign keys with non-ASCII column names
PostgreSQL < 10 PDO: Avoid displaying GENERATED ALWAYS BY IDENTITY everywhere (bug #785, regression from 4.7.9)
SQLite: Fix displayed types (bug #784, regression from 4.8.0)
Adminer 4.8.0 (released 2021-02-10):
Support function default values in insert (bug #713)
Allow SQL pseudo-function in insert
Skip date columns for non-date values in search anywhere
Add DB version to comment in export
Support PHP 8 in create table (regression from 4.7.9)
MySQL 8: Fix EXPLAIN in SQL command
PostgreSQL: Create PRIMARY KEY for auto increment columns
PostgreSQL: Avoid exporting empty sequence last value (bug #768)
PostgreSQL: Do not show triggers from other schemas (PR #412)
PostgreSQL: Fix multi-parameter functions in default values (bug #736)
PostgreSQL: Fix displaying NULL bytea fields
PostgreSQL PDO: Do not select NULL function for false values in edit
Oracle: Alter indexes
Oracle: Count tables
Oracle: Import from CSV
Oracle: Fix column size with string type
MongoDB: Handle errors
SimpleDB, Firebird, ClickHouse: Move to plugin
Adminer 4.7.9 (released 2021-02-07):
Fix XSS in browsers which don't encode URL parameters (bug #775, regression from 4.7.0)
Elasticsearch, ClickHouse: Do not print response if HTTP code is not 200
Don't syntax highlight during IME composition (bug #747)
Quote values with leading and trailing zeroes in CSV export (bug #777)
Link URLs in SQL command (PR #411)
Fix displayed foreign key columns from other DB (bug #766)
Re-enable PHP warnings (regression from 4.7.8)
MySQL: Do not export names in quotes with sql_mode='ANSI_QUOTES' (bug #749)
MySQL: Avoid error in PHP 8 when connecting to socket (PR #409)
MySQL: Don't quote default value of text fields (bug #779)
PostgreSQL: Export all FKs after all CREATE TABLE (PR #351)
PostgreSQL: Fix dollar-quoted syntax highlighting (bug #738)
PostgreSQL: Do not show view definition from other schema (PR #392)
PostgreSQL: Use bigserial for bigint auto increment (bug #765, regression from 3.0.0)
PostgreSQL PDO: Support PgBouncer, unsupport PostgreSQL < 9.1 (bug #771)
PostgreSQL 10: Support partitioned tables (PR #396)
PostgreSQL 11: Create PRIMARY KEY for auto increment columns
SQLite: Set busy_timeout to 500
MS SQL: Don't truncate comments to 30 chars (PR #376)
Elasticsearch 6: Fix displaying type mapping (PR #402)
MongoDB: Fix password-less check in the mongo extension (PR #405)
Editor: Cast to string when searching (bug #325)
Editor: Avoid trailing dot in export filename
Adminer 4.7.8 (released 2020-12-06):
Support PHP 8
Disallow connecting to privileged ports (bug #769)
Adminer 4.7.7 (released 2020-05-11):
Fix open redirect if Adminer is accessible at //adminer.php%2F@
Adminer 4.7.6 (released 2020-01-31):
Speed up alter table form (regression from 4.4.0)
Fix clicking on non-input fields in alter table (regression from 4.6.2)
Display time of procedure execution
Disallow connecting to ports > 65535 (bug #730)
MySQL: Always set foreign_key_checks in export
PostgreSQL: Support exporting views
Editor: Fix focusing foreign key search in select
Adminer 4.7.5 (released 2019-11-13):
Add id="" to cells with failed inline edit (bug #708)
PostgreSQL: Fix getting default value in PostgreSQL 12 (bug #719)
PostgreSQL, Oracle: Set schema for EXPLAIN queries in SQL command (bug #706)
ClickHouse: SQL command
Swedish translation
Adminer 4.7.4 (released 2019-10-22):
Fix XSS if Adminer is accessible at URL /data:
Adminer 4.7.3 (released 2019-08-27):
Allow editing foreign keys pointing to tables in other database/schema (bug #694)
Fix blocking of concurrent instances in PHP >7.2 (bug #703)
MySQL: Speed up displaying tables in large databases (bug #700, regression from 4.7.2)
MySQL: Allow editing rows identified by negative floats (bug #695)
MySQL: Skip editing generated columns
SQLite: Quote strings stored in integer columns in export (bug #696)
SQLite: Handle error in altering table (bug #697)
SQLite: Allow setting auto increment for empty tables
SQLite: Preserve auto increment when recreating table
MS SQL: Support foreign keys to other DB
MongoDB: Allow setting authSource from environment variable
Adminer 4.7.2 (released 2019-07-18):
Do not attempt logging in without password (bug #676)
Stretch footer over the whole table width (bug #624)
Allow overwriting tables when copying them
Fix displaying SQL command after Save and continue edit
Cache busting for adminer.css
MySQL: Fix displaying multi-columns foreign keys (bug #675, regression from 4.7.0)
MySQL: Fix creating users and changing password in MySQL 8 (bug #663)
MySQL: Pass SRID to GeomFromText
PostgreSQL: Fix setting column comments on new table
PostgreSQL: Display definitions of materialized views (bug #682)
PostgreSQL: Fix table status in PostgreSQL 12 (bug #683)
MS SQL: Support comments
Elasticsearch: Fix setting number of rows
Adminer 4.7.1 (released 2019-01-24):
Display the tables scrollbar (bug #647)
Remember visible columns in Create Table form (bug #493)
Add autocomplete attributes to login form
PHP <5.4 compatibility even with ClickHouse enabled (regression from 4.7.0)
SQLite: Hide server field in login form
Editor: Allow disabling boolean fields in PostgreSQL (bug #640)
Adminer 4.7.0 (released 2018-11-24):
Simplify storing executed SQL queries to bookmarks
Warn when using password with leading or trailing spaces
Hide import from server if importServerPath() returns an empty string
Fix inline editing of empty cells (regression from 4.6.3)
Allow adding more than two indexes and forign key columns at a time (regression from 4.4.0)
Avoid overwriting existing tables when copying tables (bug #642)
Fix function change with set data type
Increase username maxlength to 80 (bug #623)
Make maxlength in all fields a soft limit
Make tables horizontally scrollable
MySQL: Support foreign keys created with ANSI quotes (bug #620)
MySQL: Recognize ON UPDATE current_timestamp() (bug #632, bug #638)
MySQL: Descending indexes in MySQL 8 (bug #643)
PostgreSQL: Quote array values in export (bug #621)
PostgreSQL: Export DESC indexes (bug #639)
MS SQL: Pass database when connecting
ClickHouse: Connect, databases list, tables list, select, SQL command
Georgian translation
Adminer 4.6.3 (released 2018-06-28):
Disallow using password-less databases
Copy triggers when copying table
Stop session before connecting
Simplify running slow queries
Decrease timeout for running slow queries from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
Fix displaying info about non-alphabetical objects (bug #599)
Use secure cookies on HTTP if session.cookie_secure is set
PDO: Support binary fields download
MySQL: Use CONVERT() only when searching for non-ASCII (bug #603)
MySQL: Order database names in MySQL 8 (bug #613)
PostgreSQL: Fix editing data in views (bug #605, regression from 4.6.0)
PostgreSQL: Do not cast date/time/number/uuid searches to text (bug #608)
PostgreSQL: Export false as 0 in PDO (bug #619)
MS SQL: Support port with sqlsrv
Editor: Do not check boolean checkboxes with false in PostgreSQL (bug #607)
Adminer 4.6.2 (released 2018-02-20):
Semi-transparent border on table actions
Shorten JSON values in select (bug #594)
Speed up alter table form (regression from 4.4.0)
Store current version without authentication and in Editor
PostgreSQL: Fix exporting string default values
PostgreSQL: Fix exporting sequences in PostgreSQL 10
PostgreSQL: Add IF EXISTS to DROP SEQUENCE in export (bug #595)
Editor: Fix displaying of true boolean values (regression from 4.5.0)
Adminer 4.6.1 (released 2018-02-09):
Sticky position of table actions
Speed up rendering of long tables (regression from 4.4.0)
Display notification about performing action after relogin
Add system tables help links
MySQL: Support non-utf8 charset in search in column
MySQL: Support geometry in MySQL 8 (bug #574)
MariaDB: Links to documentation
SQLite: Allow deleting PRIMARY KEY from tables with auto increment
PostgreSQL: Support binary files in bytea fields
PostgreSQL: Don't treat interval type as number (bug #474)
PostgreSQL: Cast to string when searching using LIKE (bug #325)
PostgreSQL: Fix condition for selecting no rows
PostgreSQL: Support TRUNCATE+INSERT export
Customization: Support connecting to MySQL via SSL
Customization: Allow specifying server name displayed in breadcrumbs
Adminer 4.6.0 (released 2018-02-05):
Fix counting selected rows after going back to select page
PHP <5.3 compatibility even with Elasticsearch enabled
Fully support functions in default values
Stop redirecting links via
Support X-Forwarded-Prefix
Display options for timestamp columns when creating a new table
Disable autocompleting password on create user page
Use primary key to edit rows even if not selected
MySQL, PostgreSQL: Display warnings
MySQL: Add floor and ceil select functions
MySQL: Add FIND_IN_SET search operator
MariaDB: Support JSON since MariaDB 10.2
SQLite, PostgreSQL: Limit rows in data manipulation without unique key
PostgreSQL: Support routines
PostgreSQL: Allow editing views with uppercase letters (bug #467)
PostgreSQL: Allow now() as default value (bug #525)
SimpleDB: Document that allow_url_fopen is required
Malay translation
Adminer 4.5.0 (released 2018-01-24):
Display name of the object in confirmation when dropping it
Display newlines in column comments (bug #573)
Support current_timestamp() as default of time fields (bug #572)
Hide window.opener from pages opened in a new window (bug #561)
Display error when getting row to edit
Store current Adminer version server-side to avoid excessive requests
Adminer: Fix Search data in tables (regression from 4.4.0)
CSP: Allow any styles, images, media and fonts, disallow base-uri
MySQL: Support geometry in MySQL 8 (bug #574)
MySQL: Support routines with comments in parameters (bug #460)
MariaDB: Support fulltext and spatial indexes in InnoDB (bug #583)
SQLite: Enable foreign key checks
PostgreSQL: Respect NULL default value
PostgreSQL: Display foreign tables (bug #576)
PostgreSQL: Do not export triggers if not requested
PostgreSQL: Export DROP SEQUENCE if dropping table
PostgreSQL: Display boolean values as code (bug #562)
MS SQL: Support freetds
non-MySQL: Avoid CONVERT() (bug #509)
Elasticsearch: Insert, update, delete
MongoDB: Support mongodb PHP extension
Editor: Fix displaying of false values in PostgreSQL (bug #568)
Adminer 4.4.0 (released 2018-01-17):
Add Content Security Policy
Disallow scripts without nonce
Rate limit password-less login attempts from the same IP address
Disallow connecting to privileged ports
Add nosniff header
PHP 7.1: Prevent warning when using empty limit
PHP 7.2: Prevent warning when searching in select
MySQL: Remove dedicated view for replication status (added in 4.3.0)
PostgreSQL: Sort table names (regression from 4.3.1)
Editor: Don't set time zone from PHP, fixes DST
Editor: Display field comment's text inside [] only in edit form
Editor: Fix doubleclick on database page
Editor: Fix Search data in tables
Customization: Always send security headers
Hebrew translation
Adminer 4.3.1 (released 2017-04-14):
Fix permanent login after logout (bug #539)
Fix SQL command autofocus (regression from 4.0.0)
PostgreSQL: Support JSON and JSONB data types
PostgreSQL: Fix index size computation in PostgreSQL < 9.0 (regression from 4.3.0)
PostgreSQL: Fix nullable fields in export
Adminer 4.3.0 (released 2017-03-15):
Make maxlength in edit fields a soft limit
Add accessibility labels
Add Cache-Control: immutable to static files
MySQL: Support MySQL 8
MySQL: Support JSON data type
MySQL: Add dedicated view for replication status
MySQL: Support spatial indexes
PostgreSQL: Export
PostgreSQL: Don't treat partial indexes as unique
MS SQL: Support pdo_dblib
Elasticsearch: Support HTTPS by inputting https://server
Adminer 4.2.5 (released 2016-06-01):
Fix remote execution in SQLite query
SQLite: Require credentials to use
PostgreSQL: Support KILL
Adminer 4.2.4 (released 2016-02-06):
Fix remote execution in SQLite query
MySQL: Support PHP 7
Bosnian translation
Finnish translation
Adminer 4.2.3 (released 2015-11-15):
Fix XSS in indexes (non-MySQL only)
Support PHP 7
Greek translation
Galician translation
Bulgarian translation
Adminer 4.2.2 (released 2015-08-05):
Fix XSS in alter table (found by HP Fortify)
Adminer 4.2.1 (released 2015-03-10):
Send referrer header to the same domain
MySQL: Fix usage of utf8mb4 if the client library doesn't support it
MySQL: Use utf8mb4 in export only if required
Adminer 4.2.0 (released 2015-02-07):
Fix XSS in login form (bug #436)
Allow limiting number of displayed rows in SQL command
Fix reading routine column collations
Unlock session in alter database
Make master key unreadable to others (bug #410)
Fix edit by long non-utf8 string
Specify encoding for PHP 5.6 with invalid default_charset
Fix saving NULL value, bug since Adminer 4.0.3
Send 403 for auth error
Report offline and other AJAX errors (bug #419)
Don't alter table comment if not changed
Add links to documentation on table status page
Fix handling of 64 bit numbers in auto_increment
Add referrer: never meta tag
MySQL: Use utf8mb4 if available
MySQL: Support foreign keys in NDB storage
PostgreSQL: Materialized views
SQLite: Support CURRENT_* default values (bug #417)
Elasticsearch: Use where in select
Firebird: Alpha version
Danish translation
Adminer 4.1.0 (released 2014-04-18):
Provide size of all databases in the overview
Prevent against brute force login attempts from the same IP address
Compute number of tables in the overview explicitly
Display edit form after error in clone or multi-edit
Trim trailing non-breaking spaces in SQL textarea
Display time of the select command
Print elapsed time in HTML instead of SQL command comment
Improve gzip export ratio (bug #387)
Use rel="noreferrer" for external links, skip redirect in WebKit
MySQL: Fix enum types in routines (bug #391)
MySQL: Fix editing rows by binary values, bug since Adminer 3.7.1
MySQL: Respect daylight saving time in dump, bug since Adminer 3.6.4
MySQL 5.6.5+: Support ON UPDATE on datatime column
SQLite: Support UPDATE OF triggers
SQLite: Display auto-created unique indexes, bug since Adminer 3.5.0
Editor: Fix login() method, bug since Adminer 4.0.0
Translate numbers in ar, bn, fa
Vietnamese translation
Adminer 4.0.3 (released 2014-02-01)
MongoDB: insert, truncate, indexes
SimpleDB, MongoDB: insert more fields at once
SQLite: Fix creating table and altering primary key, bug since Adminer 4.0.0
Don't store invalid credentials to session, bug since Adminer 4.0.0
Norweigan translation
Adminer 4.0.2 (released 2014-01-11):
Fix handling of long text in SQL textarea
Support paste to SQL textarea in Opera
Adminer 4.0.1 (released 2014-01-11):
Don't use type=number if a SQL function is used
Disable highlighting in textareas with long texts
Don't autofocus SQL textarea in Firefox
Don't link NULL foreign key values
Fix displaying images in Editor, bug since Adminer 3.6.0
Fix uploading files, bug since Adminer 4.0.0
MongoDB: Count tables, display ObjectIds, sort, limit, offset, count rows
Elasticsearch: Fix compiled version, create and drop DB, drop table
Adminer 4.0.0 (released 2014-01-08):
Driver for SimpleDB, MongoDB and Elasticsearch
Highlight SQL in textareas
Save and continue edit by AJAX
Split SQL command and import
Add a new column in alter table on key press
Mark length as required for strings
Add label to database selection, move logout button
Add button for dropping an index
Display number of selected rows
Add links to documentation
Disable underlining links
Differentiate views in navigation
Improve speed of CSV import
Keep form values after refresh in Firefox
Mark auto_increment fields in edit
Don't append newlines to uploaded files, bug since Adminer 3.7.0
Don't display SQL edit form on Ctrl+click on the select query, introduced in Adminer 3.6.4
Use MD5 for editing long keys only in supported drivers, bug since Adminer 3.6.4
Don't reset column when searching for an empty value with Enter, bug since Adminer 3.6.4
Encrypt passwords stored in session by a key stored in cookie
Don't execute external JavaScript when verifying version
Include JUSH in the compiled version
Protect CSRF token against BREACH
Non-MySQL: View triggers
SQLite: Allow editing primary key
SQLite: Allow editing foreign keys
PostgreSQL: Fix handling of nextval() default values
PostgreSQL: Support creating array columns
Customization: Provide schemas()
Portugal Portuguese translation
Thai translation
Adminer 3.7.1 (released 2013-06-29):
Increase click target for checkboxes
Use shadow for highlighting default button
Don't use LIMIT 1 if inline updating unique row
Don't check previous checkbox on added column in create table (bug #326)
Order table list by name
Verify UTF-8 encoding of CSV import
Notify user about expired master password for permanent login
Highlight table being altered in navigation
Send 404 for invalid database and schema
Fix title and links on invalid table pages
Display error on invalid alter table and view pages
MySQL: Speed up updating rows without numeric or UTF-8 primary key
Non-MySQL: Descending indexes
PostgreSQL: Fix detecting oid column in PDO
PostgreSQL: Handle timestamp types (bug #324)
Add Korean translation
Adminer 3.7.0 (released 2013-05-19):
Allow more SQL files to be uploaded at the same time
Print run time next to executed queries
Don't drop original view and routine before creating the new one
Highlight default submit button
Add server placeholder to login form
Disable SQL export when applying functions in select
Allow using lang() in plugins (customization)
Remove bzip2 compression support
Constraint memory used in TAR export
Allow exporting views dependent on each other (bug #214)
Fix resetting search (bug #318)
Don't use LIMIT 1 if updating unique row (bug #320)
Restrict editing rows without unique identifier to search results
Display navigation bellow main content on mobile browsers
Get number of rows on export page asynchronously
Respect 'whole result' even if some rows are checked (bug #339 since Adminer 3.7.0)
MySQL: Optimize create table page and Editor navigation
MySQL: Display bit type as binary number
MySQL: Improve export of binary data types
MySQL: Fix handling of POINT data type (bug #282)
MySQL: Don't export binary and geometry columns twice in select
MySQL: Fix EXPLAIN in MySQL < 5.1, bug since Adminer 3.6.4
SQLite: Export views
PostgreSQL: Fix swapped NULL and NOT NULL columns in PDO
Adminer 3.6.4 (released 2013-04-26):
Display pagination on a fixed position
Increase default select limit to 50
Display SQL edit form on Ctrl+click on the select query
Display SQL history from newest
Recover original view, trigger, routine if creating fails
Do not store plain text password to history in creating user
Selectable ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP field in create table
Open database to a new window after selecting it with Ctrl
Clear column name after resetting search (bug #296)
Explain partitions in SQL query (bug #294)
Allow loading more data with inline edit (bug #299)
Stay on the same page after deleting rows (bug #301)
Respect checked tables in export filename (bug #133)
Respect PHP configuration max_input_vars
Fix unsetting permanent login after logout
Disable autocapitalize in identifiers on mobile browsers
MySQL: Compatibility with MySQL 5.6
MySQL: Move ALTER export to plugin
MySQL: Use numeric time zone in export
MySQL: Link processlist documentation
SQLite: Export indexes
Adminer 3.6.3 (released 2013-01-23):
Display error code in SQL query
Allow specifying external links
Treat Meta key same as Ctrl
Fix XSS in displaying non-UTF-8 strings
Don't use type="number" for decimal numbers
Adminer 3.6.2 (released 2012-12-21):
Edit values by Ctrl+click instead of double click
Don't select row on double click
Support NULL in routine calls
Shorten printed values in varchar fields
Display table default values on wide screens
Display date in SQL history
HTML5 input fields
Display warning for missing UPDATE privilege
Fix switching language on first load
Support enabled mbstring.func_overload
MySQL: Prolong comment length since MySQL 5.5
PostgreSQL: Fix process list in version 9.2
MS SQL: Support databases starting with number
Adminer 3.6.1 (released 2012-09-17):
Fix compiled version on PHP with multibyte support
Adminer 3.6.0 (released 2012-09-16):
Load more data in select
Edit strings with \n in textarea
Time out long running database list and select count
Style logout button as link
Store selected database to permanent login
Ctrl+click and Shift+click on button opens form to a blank window
Switch language by POST
Compress translations
MySQL: Support geometry data types
selectQueryBuild() method (customization)
Serbian translation
Adminer 3.5.1 (released 2012-08-10):
Support same name fields in CSV export
Support Shift+click in export
Adminer 3.5.0 (released 2012-08-05):
Links for column search in select
Autohide column context menu in select
Autodisplay long table names in tables list
Display assigned auto_increment after clone
SQLite: Full alter table
SQLite: Better editing in tables without primary key
SQLite: Display number of rows in database overview
Adminer 3.4.0 (released 2012-06-30):
Link to descending order
Shift+click on checkbox to select consecutive rows
Print current time next to executed SQL queries
Warn about selecting data without index
Allow specifying database in login form
Link to original table in EXPLAIN of SELECT * FROM table t
Format numbers in translations
MySQL: inform about disabled event_scheduler
SQLite: support binary data
PostgreSQL: approximate row count in table overview
PostgreSQL: improve PDO support in SQL command
Oracle: schema, processlist, table overview numbers
Simplify work with NULL values (customization)
Use namespace in login form (customization)
Customizable export filename (customization)
Replace JSMin by better JavaScript minifier
Don't use AJAX links and forms
Indonesian translation
Ukrainian translation
Bengali translation
Adminer 3.3.4 (released 2012-03-07):
Foreign keys default actions (bug #188)
SET DEFAULT foreign key action
Fix minor parser bug in SQL command with webserver file
Ctrl+click on button opens form to a blank window
Trim table and column names (bug #195)
Error message with no response from server in AJAX
Esc to cancel AJAX request
Move AJAX loading indicator to the right
Don't quote bit type in export
Don't check row while selecting text
Fix invalid references line position on Database schema
Disable selecting text on Database schema
Ability to disable export (customization)
Extensible list of databases (customization)
MySQL: set autocommit after connect
SQLite, PostgreSQL: vacuum
SQLite, PostgreSQL: don't use LIKE for numbers (bug #202)
PostgreSQL: fix alter foreign key
PostgreSQL over PDO: connect if the eponymous database does not exist (bug #185)
Boolean search (Editor)
Persian translation
Adminer 3.3.3 (released 2011-08-12):
Highlight checked rows
Titles of links in database overview and navigation
Fix trigger export (SQLite)
Default trigger statement (SQLite, PostgreSQL)
Remove search by expression (PostgreSQL, MS SQL)
Adminer 3.3.2 (released 2011-08-08):
Display error with non-existent row in edit
Fix minor parser bug in SQL command with webserver file
Fix SQL command Stop on error
Don't scroll with AJAX select order and alter move column
Fast number of rows with big tables (PostgreSQL)
Sort databases and schemas (PostgreSQL)
Adminer 3.3.1 (released 2011-07-27):
Fix XSS introduced in Adminer 3.2.0
Fix altering default values (PostgreSQL)
Process list (PostgreSQL)
Adminer 3.3.0 (released 2011-07-19):
Use Esc to disable in-place edit
Shortcut for database privileges
Editable index names
Append new index with auto index selection (bug #138)
Preserve original timestamp value in multiple update (bug #158)
Bit type default value
Display foreign key name in tooltip
Display default column value in table overview
Display column collation in tooltip
Keyboard shortcuts: Alt+Shift+1 for homepage, Ctrl+Shift+Enter for Save and continue edit
Show only errors with Webserver file SQL command
Remember select export and import options
Link tables and indexes from SQL command EXPLAIN (MySQL)
Display error with all wrong SQL commands (MySQL)
Display foreign keys from other schemas (PostgreSQL)
Pagination support (Oracle)
Autocomplete for big foreign keys (Editor)
Display name of the referenced record in PostgreSQL (Editor)
Prefer NULL to empty string (Editor, bug #162)
Display searched columns (Editor)
Customizable favicon (customization)
Method name can return a link (customization)
Easier sending of default headers (customization)
Lithuanian and Romanian translation
Adminer 3.2.2 (released 2011-03-28):
Fix AJAX history after reload
Adminer 3.2.1 (released 2011-03-23):
Ability to save expression in edit
Respect default database collation (bug #119)
Don't export triggers without table (bug #123)
Esc to focus next field in Tab textarea
Send forms by Ctrl+Enter on <select>
Enum editor and textarea Ctrl+Enter working in IE
AJAX forms in Google Chrome
Parse UTF-16 and UTF-8 BOM in all text uploads
Display ; in history
Use DELIMITER in history
Show databases even with skip_show_database in MySQL 5
Disable maxlength with functions in edit
Better placement of AJAX icon
Table header in CSV export (Editor)
Time format hint (Editor)
Respect order after search (Editor)
Set MySQL time zone by PHP setting (Editor)
Allow own code in <head> (customization)
Polish translation
Adminer 3.2.0 (released 2011-02-24):
Get long texts and slow information by AJAX
Most links and forms by AJAX in browsers with support for history.pushState
Copy tables
Ability to search by expression in select
Export SQL command result (bug #99)
Focus first field with insert (bug #106)
Permanent link in schema
Display total time in show only errors mode in SQL command
History: edit all
MS SQL: auto primary and foreign key
SQLite: display 0
Create table default data type: int
Focus upper/lower fields by Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down
Hide credentials for SQLite
Utilize oids in PostgreSQL
Homepage customization
Use IN for search in numeric fields (Editor)
Use password input for _md5 and _sha1 fields (Editor)
Work without session.use_cookies (bug #107)
Fix saving schema to cookie in Opera
Portuguese, Slovenian and Turkish translation
Adminer 3.1.0 (released 2010-11-16):
TSV export and import
Customizable export
Option to show only errors in SQL command
Link to bookmark SQL command
Recognize $$ strings in SQL command (PostgreSQL)
Highlight and edit SQL command in processlist
Always display all drivers
Timestamp at the end of export
Link to refresh database cache (bug #96)
Support for virtual foreign keys
Disable XSS "protection" of IE8
Immunity against zend.ze1_compatibility_mode (bug #86)
Fix last page with empty result set
Arabic translation and RTL support
Dual licensing: Apache or GPL
Adminer 3.0.1 (released 2010-10-18):
Send the form by Ctrl+Enter in all textareas
Disable creating SQLite databases with extension other than db, sdb, sqlite
Ability to use Adminer in a frame through customization
Catalan translation
MS SQL 2005 compatibility
PostgreSQL: connect if the eponymous database does not exist
Adminer 3.0.0 (released 2010-10-15):
Drivers for MS SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle
Allow concurrent logins on the same server
Allow permanent login without customization
In-place editation in select
Foreign key options in Table creation
Treat binary type as hex
Show number of tables in server overview
Operator LIKE %%
Remember export parameters in cookie
Allow semicolon as CSV separator
Schemas, sequences and types support (PostgreSQL)
Autofocus username in login form
Allow to insert Tab in SQL textareas and send the form by Ctrl+Enter
Disable spellchecking in SQL textareas
Display auto_increment value of inserted item
Allow disabling auto_increment value export
Prefill auto_increment column name
Ability to jump to any page in select by JavaScript
Display comment in table overview
Link last page above data in select
Link table names in SQL queries
Hungarian, Japanese and Tamil translation
Defer table information in database overview to JavaScript (performance)
Big tables optimizations (performance)
Adminer 2.3.2 (released 2010-04-21):
Fix COUNT(*) link
Fix Save and continue edit
Adminer 2.3.1 (released 2010-04-06):
Add Drop button to Alter pages (regression from 2.0.0)
Link COUNT(*) result to listing
Newlines in select query edit
Return to referrer after edit
Respect session.auto_start (bug #42)
Adminer 2.3.0 (released 2010-02-26):
Support for permanent login (customization required)
Search in all tables
Show status variables
Print sums in tables overview
Add Delete button to Edit page (regression from 2.0.0)
Print error summary in SQL command
Simplify SQL syntax error message
Show SQL query info if available
Delete length when changing type in alter table
Ability to check table prefix in export
Adminer 2.2.1 (released 2009-11-26):
Highlight current links
Improve concurrency
Move number of tables to DB info (performance)
Search by foreign keys (Editor)
Link new item in backward keys (Editor)
Adminer 2.2.0 (released 2009-10-20):
Database list - bulk drop, number of tables
Enlarge field for enum and set definition
Display table links above table structure
Link URLs in select
Display number of manipulated rows in JS confirm
Set required memory in SQL command
Fix removed default in ALTER
Display whitespace in texts (bug #11)
ClickJacking protection in modern browsers
E-mail attachments (Editor)
Optional year in date (Editor)
Search operators (Editor)
Align numbers to right in select (Editor)
Move <h1> to $adminer->navigation (customization)
Rename get_dbh to connection (customization)
Adminer 2.1.0 (released 2009-09-12):
Edit default values directly in table creation
Execute SQL file stored on server disk
Display EXPLAIN in SQL query
Compress export and import
Display column comments in table overview
Print ALTER export instead of executing it
Click on row selects it
Fix Editor date format
Fix long SQL query crash (bug #3)
Speed up simple alter table
Traditional Chinese translation
Adminer 2.0.0 (released 2009-08-06):
Editor: User friendly data editor
Customization: Adminer class
Create single column foreign key in table structure
Table relations (Editor)
Send e-mails (Editor)
Display images in blob (Editor)
Localize date (Editor)
Treat tinyint(1) as bool (Editor)
Divide types to groups in table creation
Link e-mails in select
Show type in field name title
Preselect now() for timestamp columns
Clear history
Prefill insert by foreign key searches
Print number of rows in SQL command
Remove Delete button from Edit page - use mass operation for it
Faster multiple update, clone and delete
Faster table list in navigation
Download version checker and syntax highlighting from HTTPS
Use HTML Strict instead of XHTML
Remove function minification in favor of performance and customization
Fix CSV import
Fix work with default values
Adminer 1.11.1 (released 2009-07-03):
Fix problem with enabled Filter extension
Adminer 1.11.0 (released 2009-07-02):
Connection through socket by server :/path/to/socket
Simplify export
Display execution time in SQL query
Relative date and time functions
Version checker
Save queries to history and display it on SQL page
Display MySQL variables
Ability to select all rows on current page of select
Separate JavaScript functions
Always use the default style before the external one
Always try to use the syntax highlighter
All privileges in user rights
Fix FOUND_ROWS() in SQL command
Export only selected columns in select
Bulk database creation
Include views in drop and move on database overview
Hide fieldsets in select
Automatically add new fields in table creation
Use \n in SQL commands
phpMinAdmin 1.10.1 (released 2009-05-07):
Highlight odd and hover rows
Partition editing comfort (bug #12)
Allow full length in limited int
phpMinAdmin 1.10.0 (released 2009-04-28):
Partitioning (MySQL 5.1)
CSV import
Plus and minus functions
Option to stop on error in SQL command
Cross links to select and table (bug #2236232), link new item
Suhosin compatibility
Remove max_allowed_packet from export
Read style from phpMinAdmin.css if exists
Size reduction by minification of variables and functions
Russian translation
phpMinAdmin 1.9.1 (released 2008-10-27):
Update translations
phpMinAdmin 1.9.0 (released 2008-10-16):
List of tables and views with maintenance commands
Clone rows
Bulk edit and clone
Function results in edit
NOT operators in select
Search without column restriction
Use type=password for unhashed password
Only one button for each action in select
Choose language through option-list
XHTML syntax errors
Don't set global variable in export
SHOW DATABASES can be revoked
Order by function result working also in older MySQL versions
Tested on IIS
phpMinAdmin 1.8.0 (released 2008-09-12):
Events (MySQL 5.1)
Access without login - accept ?username=
Print SQL query in select, messages and warnings
Display number of found rows
Don't wrap lines in select table
Italian and Estonian translation
Order by COUNT(*)
phpMinAdmin 1.7.0 (released 2008-08-26):
Customizable export (select objects to export, SQL or CSV)
Ability to alter existing tables and drop old tables in export
Choose columns in select, aggregation
Order rows by clicking on table heading
Truncate only search results
Automatically select name for trigger
Chinese and French translation
Preserve default values when altering table
Maintain auto_increment when moving columns
Smaller multilingual file
Cache static files
Faster checking of number of results
phpMinAdmin 1.6.1 (released 2008-05-22):
Set session parameters only if not session.auto_start
phpMinAdmin 1.6.0 (released 2008-05-16):
Order of columns in table
Set max_allowed_packet in dump and use extended insert
Spanish and German translations
Use images for editing buttons
Protection against big POST data
Logout by POST
Information about logged user
Separate stylesheet
Last-Modified header for files
Several bug fixes
phpMinAdmin 1.5.0 (released 2008-01-09):
Mass delete
Vertical privileges
Specify connection port by colon in server
Ignore length in date and time types
Boolean fulltext search for all columns in MyISAM
Shrink compiled output
Remove maxlength from server and username
Uncheck NULL by change
Mark shortened fields in select
phpMinAdmin 1.4.0 (released 2007-08-15):
New design
Dutch translation
Use NULL for auto_increment (bug #1)
Fix dropping procedure parameters
phpMinAdmin 1.3.2 (released 2007-08-06):
Next field by JavaScript in foreign keys
Set time zone in dump
Refresh lang cookie
Remember drop result in case of faulty create
Move vertical lines in schema properly
Fix maximum page in select
phpMinAdmin 1.3.1 (released 2007-07-31):
Move references lines in schema
Fix dump
Fix update links
phpMinAdmin 1.3.0 (released 2007-07-27):
Breadcrumb navigation
Operator IN
Timestamp default values
Draggable tables in schema
Number of rows in navigation
Display MySQL version and used PHP extension
More friendly user interface
Slovak translation
phpMinAdmin 1.2.0 (released 2007-07-25):
Manipulate triggers
PDO Abstraction
Auto_increment value
JavaScript for adding rows
phpMinAdmin 1.1.0 (released 2007-07-19):
Routines manipulation
Views manipulation
Foreign keys manipulation
Database schema with references
Index length
Dump individual tables
JavaScript for next rows in table edit
Cache databases list
phpMinAdmin 1.0.0 (released 2007-07-11):
First official release