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commit 46c99c9a0c818f035e25f25165f2f26f0825a233 1 parent ddfe924
Jakub Vrána authored

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@@ -8,9 +8,12 @@ Display foreign key name in tooltip
8 8 Display default column value in table overview
9 9 Display column collation in tooltip
10 10 Keyboard shortcuts: Alt+Shift+1 for homepage, Ctrl+Shift+Enter for Save and continue edit
  11 +Show only errors with Webserver file SQL command
  12 +Display error with all wrong SQL commands (MySQL)
11 13 Pagination support (Oracle)
12 14 Autocomplete for big foreign keys (Editor)
13 15 Display name of the referenced record in PostgreSQL (Editor)
  16 +Prefer NULL to empty string (Editor, bug #3323800)
14 17 Customizable favicon (customization)
15 18 Method name can return a link (customization)
16 19 Easier sending of default headers (customization)

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