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@@ -8,13 +8,15 @@ Function to fix database encoding -
Highlight SQL textarea - may use external CodePress
Mass editation of individual rows
Offer enum and set items in search - whisperer
+Textarea for enum and set in Alter table
+Variables editation, especially timezone
Use event $intervals + microseconds in relative date functions
? Column and table names auto-completition in SQL textarea
? Aliasing of built-in functions can save 7 KB, function minification can save 7 KB, substitution of repetitive $a["a"] can save 4 KB, substitution of $_GET and friends can save 2 KB, JS packer can save 1 KB, not enclosing HTML attribute values can save 1.2 KB, replacing \\n by \n can save .3 KB
? Branch binary_compile: LZW compression of translations can save 30 KB, LZW compression of all texts can save 11 KB, remove of base64_decode() + using chars 127-255 in minification can save 1 KB
? AJAX editing - select page has all data to display edit form
-JavaScript data validation - columns containing word email, url, md5, sha1, ...
+JavaScript data validation - columns containing word email, url, ...
Joining tables - PRIMARY KEY (table, joining)
Rank, Tree structure

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