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Added composer.json with foglcz/adminer-installer for interactive install #22

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Updated adminer to support installation via composer. If merged & added to, people can install adminer via composer.json file:

"require" : {
    "vrana/adminer": "3.*"

It uses separate type with interactive command-line installer:


Není to zbytečný? Nešlo by ten hook udělat přímo v admineru?


do not merge. hook je lepsi napad.

@foglcz foglcz closed this

I was searching for Composer support for Adminer and have seen this. It looks like the idea is dismissed. Can you guys provide reasons (in English, please :)) and any update on this?


Well, that's a good question. Mainly because of lack of time & focus, really.
The solution which I did was via separate composer installer - while the proposal was to do it via composer hook (obviously; there's one repository required for the installer, while all this can be done within the repo itself.)

However, the code still exists ( ). It's been nine months now, should probably take it further and finish this thing.

The main reason, why it's not so-much-pain-in-the-ass for us is, that we have adminer bundled within Nette framework which we are using ( ). However, provided that this feature would be finished, we could then add adminer to the main composer.json file and have it installed during dependencies installation.

Should there be special configuration variable within composer.json, it could also be unattended.
Hope to look into it soon; but can't make any promises..


Thanks, I'll be looking forward to it, and would like to provide any help if there is something I can do. Since the compiled size of Adminer is quite small, it's not a problem to include the file using the traditional ways but Composer support would be even better with much easier updates etc. and with an already existing vendor/ .gitignore rule in the including project.

@RobLoach RobLoach referenced this pull request

Add Composer support #104

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  1. +22 −0 composer.json
22 composer.json
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+ "name": "vrana/adminer",
+ "description": "Adminer - Database management in single PHP file",
+ "keywords": ["adminer", "phpmyadmin", "mysql", "pgsql", "oracle", "sql"],
+ "homepage": "",
+ "license": ["Apache-2.0", "GPL-2.0"],
+ "type": "vrana-adminer",
+ "authors":[
+ {
+ "name": "Jakub Vrana",
+ "homepage": ""
+ }
+ ],
+ "support": {
+ "issues": "",
+ "source": ""
+ },
+ "require":{
+ "php": ">=5.3.2",
+ "foglcz/adminer-installer": "1.*"
+ }
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