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xfra35 commented Feb 5, 2013

Hi, on certain browsers (IE9, Safari) the autocomplete feature does not trigger "onchange" event.
As a result, fields which are autocompleted are inserted as NULL by Adminer.
I suggest to disable autocomplete feature when using Adminer.
Another way to go would be to fix the event handling, but that seems a much bigger change.


vrana commented Mar 28, 2013

Autocomplete is pretty useful. Also, is there a reason for doing this in JS? I couldn't reproduce it in IE10.

@vrana vrana closed this Mar 28, 2013

xfra35 commented Mar 28, 2013

I agree, autocomplete is pretty useful. The thing is that it makes Adminer misbehaving on Safari (Mac) and IE9. I don't have any IE10 to test it. Here's how to reproduce it on Safari/IE9:

  • Step 1: make sure your enabled autocomplete/autofill feature on your browser
  • Step 2: create a simple table with autoincrement id + two fields:
CREATE TABLE `mytable` (
  `title` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `data` varchar(29) DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)
  • Step 3: click on "new item" and fill in the title and data fields with the values "mytitle" and "mydata". Save.
  • Step 4: click again on "new item" and fill in the title field with "mytitle" using autocomplete (in IE: double-click / in Safari: tab+down arrow). Do not modify it with the keyboard. Fill in the data field with "mydata" typing it normally with the keyboard like you did in step 3. Save.

Now you should see the followings values in your table:


As you can see, if you want to use the autocomplete feature with Adminer using Safari or IE9, you get into trouble.

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