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Releases: vrana/adminer


14 May 05:46
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Internet Explorer or PDO in Adminer 4.7.8-4.8.0: Fix XSS in doc_link (bug #797)
Fix more PHP 8 warnings (bug #781)
Avoid PHP warnings with PDO drivers (bug #786, regression from 4.7.8)
MySQL: Allow moving views to other DB and renaming DB with views (bug #783)
MariaDB: Do not treat sequences as views (PR #416)
PostgreSQL: Support UPDATE OF triggers (bug #789)
PostgreSQL: Support triggers with more events (OR)
PostgreSQL: Fix parsing of foreign keys with non-ASCII column names
PostgreSQL < 10 PDO: Avoid displaying GENERATED ALWAYS BY IDENTITY everywhere (bug #785, regression from 4.7.9)
SQLite: Fix displayed types (bug #784, regression from 4.8.0)


10 Feb 16:25
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Support function default values in insert (bug #713)
Allow SQL pseudo-function in insert
Skip date columns for non-date values in search anywhere
Add DB version to comment in export
Support PHP 8 in create table (regression from 4.7.9)
MySQL 8: Fix EXPLAIN in SQL command
PostgreSQL: Create PRIMARY KEY for auto increment columns
PostgreSQL: Avoid exporting empty sequence last value (bug #768)
PostgreSQL: Do not show triggers from other schemas (PR #412)
PostgreSQL: Fix multi-parameter functions in default values (bug #736)
PostgreSQL: Fix displaying NULL bytea fields
PostgreSQL PDO: Do not select NULL function for false values in edit
Oracle: Alter indexes
Oracle: Count tables
Oracle: Import from CSV
Oracle: Fix column size with string type
MongoDB: Handle errors
SimpleDB, Firebird, ClickHouse: Move to plugin


07 Feb 17:29
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Fix XSS in browsers which don't encode URL parameters (bug #775, regression from 4.7.0)
Elasticsearch, ClickHouse: Do not print response if HTTP code is not 200
Don't syntax highlight during IME composition (bug #747)
Quote values with leading and trailing zeroes in CSV export (bug #777)
Link URLs in SQL command (PR #411)
Fix displayed foreign key columns from other DB (bug #766)
Re-enable PHP warnings (regression from 4.7.8)
MySQL: Do not export names in quotes with sql_mode='ANSI_QUOTES' (bug #749)
MySQL: Avoid error in PHP 8 when connecting to socket (PR #409)
MySQL: Don't quote default value of text fields (bug #779)
PostgreSQL: Export all FKs after all CREATE TABLE (PR #351)
PostgreSQL: Fix dollar-quoted syntax highlighting (bug #738)
PostgreSQL: Do not show view definition from other schema (PR #392)
PostgreSQL: Use bigserial for bigint auto increment (bug #765, regression from 3.0.0)
PostgreSQL PDO: Support PgBouncer, unsupport PostgreSQL < 9.1 (bug #771)
PostgreSQL 10: Support partitioned tables (PR #396)
PostgreSQL 11: Create PRIMARY KEY for auto increment columns
SQLite: Set busy_timeout to 500
MS SQL: Don't truncate comments to 30 chars (PR #376)
Elasticsearch 6: Fix displaying type mapping (PR #402)
MongoDB: Fix password-less check in the mongo extension (PR #405)
Editor: Cast to string when searching (bug #325)
Editor: Avoid trailing dot in export filename


06 Dec 13:01
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Support PHP 8
Disallow connecting to privileged ports (bug #769)


11 May 09:56
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Fix open redirect if Adminer is accessible at //adminer.php%2F@


31 Jan 10:28
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Speed up alter table form (regression from 4.4.0)
Fix clicking on non-input fields in alter table (regression from 4.6.2)
Display time of procedure execution
Disallow connecting to ports > 65535 (bug #730)
MySQL: Always set foreign_key_checks in export
PostgreSQL: Support exporting views
Editor: Fix focusing foreign key search in select


13 Nov 07:21
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Add id="" to cells with failed inline edit (bug #708)
PostgreSQL: Fix getting default value in PostgreSQL 12 (bug #719)
PostgreSQL, Oracle: Set schema for EXPLAIN queries in SQL command (bug #706)
ClickHouse: SQL command
Swedish translation


22 Oct 06:38
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Fix XSS if Adminer is accessible at URL /data:


27 Aug 16:06
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Allow editing foreign keys pointing to tables in other database/schema (bug #694)
Fix blocking of concurrent instances in PHP >7.2 (bug #703)
MySQL: Speed up displaying tables in large databases (bug #700, regression from 4.7.2)
MySQL: Allow editing rows identified by negative floats (bug #695)
MySQL: Skip editing generated columns
SQLite: Quote strings stored in integer columns in export (bug #696)
SQLite: Handle error in altering table (bug #697)
SQLite: Allow setting auto increment for empty tables
SQLite: Preserve auto increment when recreating table
MS SQL: Support foreign keys to other DB
MongoDB: Allow setting authSource from environment variable


18 Jul 07:03
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Do not attempt logging in without password (bug #676)
Stretch footer over the whole table width (bug #624)
Allow overwriting tables when copying them
Fix displaying SQL command after Save and continue edit
Cache busting for adminer.css
MySQL: Fix displaying multi-columns foreign keys (bug #675)
MySQL: Fix creating users and changing password in MySQL 8 (bug #663)
MySQL: Pass SRID to GeomFromText
PostgreSQL: Fix setting column comments on new table
PostgreSQL: Display definitions of materialized views (bug #682)
PostgreSQL: Fix table status in PostgreSQL 12 (bug #683)
MS SQL: Support comments
Elasticsearch: Fix setting number of rows