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drivers MySQL: Try to set utf8mb4 if possible
include Release 4.2.1
lang Update German translation (thanks to kulmjens)
static Report offline and other AJAX errors (bug #419) Add empty lines to source code Fix handling of 64 bit numbers in auto_increment Unlock session in alter database Order sequences list by name MongoDB, Elasticsearch: Allow downloading binary data MySQL: Use utf8mb4 in export only if required Display edit form after error in clone or multi-edit Simplify initializing post variables Defer loading of JUSH SQLite: Allow editing foreign keys
index.php Fix enum types in routines (bug #391) MongoDB: Prepare for alter index
plugin.php Add Bzip2 export plugin Add more class="links" Save by Enter key when altering a routine Fix handling of 64 bit numbers in auto_increment Fix cookie name if the DB name contains dot Simplify initializing post variables Avoid double escaping in script=db (thanks to trestna smradlavice) Fix edit by long non-utf8 string (thanks Robert Vlach) Simplify initializing post variables Allow limiting number of displayed rows in SQL command (bug #406) Display explanation of default value SQLite: Support UPDATE OF triggers Simplify initializing post variables Generalize doc_link() Rename $driver to $jush Improve error message for views
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