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JUSH 1.10.0-dev:
Optionally display title with function summary and parameters
Link PHP methods
Link PostgreSQL variables
Ability to link custom words (e.g. function or table names)
Highlight tags in 1 second chunks (let browser live)
JUSH 1.9.0:
Link PHP classes and special functions
Improve performance on multiple calls
Windows command line interface for context help
JUSH 1.8.0:
Highlight MS SQL
Link mail headers
JUSH 1.7.0:
Highlight XML
Highlight phpDoc
Highlight MySQL code comments /*! */
JUSH 1.6.0:
Remove Python (orthogonal)
Option to customize links - e.g. jush.create_links = ' target="_blank"'
Option to highlight only part of document - jush.highlight_tag(dom_elements)
JUSH 1.5.0:
Performance optimizations
Link HTTP headers
Highlight variables inside heredoc
Parse nowdoc (PHP 5.3)
Parse JS regexp only after operator
Highlight <br/>
Option to not create links - jush.create_links
Fix CSS comments
JUSH 1.4.0:
Highlighting of Apache config
JUSH 1.3.1:
Highlight MySQL keywords
Link PHP 5.3 keywords
JUSH 1.3.0:
Highlight numbers
JavaScript built-in functions
JUSH 1.2.4:
Links to HTML attributes (lowercase, aliases)
Escape from php_echo by ?>
JUSH 1.2.3:
Bug fixes from Kajman
JUSH 1.2.2:
Highlight Python
Highlight HTML in document.write
JUSH 1.2.1:
php.ini highlighting
MySQL data types, missing functions
Don't highlight PHP functions after new
Improve links to PHP keywords
Treat print as echo
JavaScript keywords
SQL variables
JUSH 1.2.0:
SQL strings accept ''
SQLite strings not accept \'
Highlight inside sqlite_exec
Document jush.urls
JUSH 1.1.0:
Highlight SQLite
Links to undocumented PgSQL and Socket PHP aliases
JUSH 1.0.4:
Highlight SQL functions and PHP keywords
Jush in class='jush jush-php' not necessary anymore
Remove SET from SQL links (colide with UPDATE SET)
Add jush- prefix to styles
Change <b> to <span class='jush-op'>
Change A to A:link
Highlight nearly all links
JUSH 1.0.3:
Highlight PHP also in 'tag'
Decode &amp; as last
Customizable tab width
Preserve tabs in IE
Allow short_open_tag
Add &nbsp; for IE
JUSH 1.0.2:
Recognize functions in mysql_query()
Recognize PHP function language constructs without parentheses
Add style for backticks
JUSH 1.0.1:
Fixes highlight_tag with jush-lang
Uses <br /> in highlight_tag
More MySQL commands, links CSS at-rules
Adds A:hover style
Updates installation instructions
JUSH 1.0.0:
Highlight HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQL code embedded into each other
Provide links to the documentation for all supported languages
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