Two templates for AS3 development in IntelliJ Idea that give you same setup as FD3 as3 project with preloader, some manual wiring required
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ActionScript Class for added the entry point comment Jun 12, 2010
ActionScript Preloader


Two templates for IntelliJ Idea for Flex/AS3 projects.

These two templates should enable you to setup your AS3 project similar to the FD3 as3 project with preloader


Copy the files to your file templates folder, on windows that should be \Users\YOUR-USERNAME\.IntelliJIdea90\config\fileTemplates\
and restart the Idea, you should have two new items in the new templates context menu:

  • ActionScript Class for Preloader
  • ActionScript Preloader Class


Create new class from the menu, enter the required params, and follow the comments in the newly created class for setup