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QNAP Docker Dropbox

As QNAP released QTS 4.x with Cloud Drive Sync, the dropbox experience on QNAP was poor. The problems range from speed of the application to the dates on files not being recreated.

So I wanted to play with docker a bit, and I needed a dropbox client, so here we are.

How to use this?

First execute the following command to build the image

docker build -t vranac/qnap-docker-dropbox .

Go grab a coffee/tea, the image will be built in the meantime.

Or pull the image from docker hub by running

docker pull vranac/qnap-docker-dropbox

Once you have the image, you can run it. Execute the following command

docker run -i -t -v /path/you/want/mounted:/root/Dropbox vranac/qnap-docker-dropbox --name=dropbox-vranac

So lets break this down, you are running the container in the interactive mode, running in a pseudo terminal, mounting the path "/path/you/want/mounted" to be available in container at "/root/Dropbox", and you gave the container the name dropbox-vranac (change to what works for you).

The output of the first run would be something like

This computer isn't linked to any Dropbox account...
Please visit to link this device.

Once you visit that link, the dropbox will be connected to your dropbox account and the magic can begin.

The container station in qnap will now pick it up, and you will be able to control it from there. I suggest you go to the settings for the container and enable auto start.

If you need to get the status of the dropbox daemon, you can execute the following command

docker exec -it dropbox-vranac /root/ status

Replace dropbox-vranac with your container name