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Flying area reservation web site
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Heavily WIP.

*** Installation ***

1) Get sources

sudo apt-get install python-django git
git clone git://

2) Configure

edit areareservation/ Modify the following lines if

DEBUG = True
You might want to change to False in production use.

'NAME': 'areareservation.db', 
Name of the database file. You might want to set an absolute path.

SECRET_KEY = '1234'
Set this to some long random key in production use.

Set this to absolute path if needed.

3) Initialize database

cd areareservation/areareservation
python syncdb

This will initialize the database and allows you to create
a superuser account.

4) Run server
You can either use django's internal web server (not good for 
production) or integrate django in Apache or other real server.

To run django's server, run:
python runserver

Instructions for setting up django in Apache (and other servers)
can be found using google.

*** Usage ***
You must create some sites (= airports) using the admin interface. With
django's internal server it can be found at

Log in using superuser account you created earlier.

*** Upgrading ***

To upgrade to latest version, cd to the areareservation directory and run

git pull

Note: you may need to delete the database file and run syncdb after upgrading.

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