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iOS OnBoarding Tutorial


This code allow for easy implementation of an OnBoarding Tutorial. It uses plists to configure images used in the onboarding tutorial.

How to Use

Clone Project

Copy or clone from github or navigate to a appropiate folder in a terminal window and enter git clone

Copy Files

Copy the following the files from the OnBoardingTutorialFiles folder to your project

  • images.plist
  • OICollectionViewCell.h
  • OICollectionViewCell.m
  • OICollectionViewController.h
  • OICollectionViewController.m
  • OIStaticFunctions.h
  • OIStaticFunctions.m

Make sure the Add to Target is Selected but Copy to Destination is not Add Files

Setup images.plist

The plist the setup as a dictionary. To add images you need to add rows to the images array. Set the imageKey to the filename of you image. Add an optional nameKey if you want a caption to appear underneath.

Setup Plist

Additionally add a BackgroundColor key to customize the backgroundcolor.

Add Code

In the view controller before which you would like it to appear, just add this code to your viewWillAppear: method.

-(void) viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated {

    [super viewDidAppear:animated];
    [OIOnboardingViewController showIfInitialLaunch];



CocoaPods(coming soon)

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