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Fix '*' and '#' when regexsearch is enabled.

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commit 2a1d2086faaf3dbc33255493cee2492ec1a7ea6d 1 parent f516e28
keforbes keforbes authored
4 net.sourceforge.vrapper.core/src/net/sourceforge/vrapper/vim/modes/commandline/
@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ public static Search createSearch(EditorAdaptor editor, String keyword, boolean
boolean caseSensitive = ! editor.getConfiguration().get(Options.IGNORE_CASE)
|| (editor.getConfiguration().get(Options.SMART_CASE)
&& StringUtils.containsUppercase(keyword));
- boolean useRegExp = editor.getConfiguration().get(Options.SEARCH_REGEX);
+ //can't mix wholeWord and regex search, Eclipse chokes
+ //(if we're searching for wholeWord it isn't a regex anyway)
+ boolean useRegExp = !wholeWord && editor.getConfiguration().get(Options.SEARCH_REGEX);
if (offset == null) {
// Sanity checking. Passing null is bad style though.
offset = SearchOffset.NONE;
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