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I have a change that exposes a default clipboard setter and allows you to set the default clipboard. If you have the following in your .vrapperrc file then the system clipboard will be used as default and you can copy from your eclipse document and paste to, for example a terminal. Also, you can copy from a terminal window and paste to your document. I also needed to take the string trimming off of the AWTClipboardRegister so that when yy'anking lines and then p'asteing them the preceding whitespace isn't removed from the paste.

set clipboard unnamed

Jon Alvarado added some commits Mar 10, 2011
Jon Alvarado Adding unnamed clipboard support cc98ba6
Jon Alvarado Changing AWTClipboardRegister so that it stops trimming lines.
Before this change when using the AWTClipboardRegister as the default register,
and you yy'ed a line and pasted it, the leading whitespace would be removed.

Code looks good. I'll try how it works and do the pull in spare moment. Thanks!


I'm sorry this has been sitting here so long but some of these files are now out of date. Can you perform a pull from our repository and update your files so I can try out your changes? Thanks!


This doesn't work for me. If I have some contents in my clipboard then 'p' will indeed paste it, but 'y' doesn't ever put anything into the clipboard. Also, if I do 'yy' and 'p' it will paste the line I copied and append two newlines after it. I tried running ":set clipboard unnamed" from within eclipse (vrapper) and also tried adding that line to .vrapperrc with the same results. This was on my Ubuntu Linux system so I don't know if it's having issues communicating with the system clipboard or if it's a fault of the code.

I'll leave the pull request open for now (in case you fix it) but I won't accept the pull request as is. Sorry.


Closing this Pull Request. This code wasn't working before and it's just getting further and further out of date. If we try another attempt at this feature it'll need to be a new implementation.

@keforbes keforbes closed this May 22, 2012
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