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Run dinaip-console inside a docker container
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Dockerfile for dinaip

Run dinaip from Dinahosting SL in any docker-compatible machine

Availiable tags

  • Based on Debian Jessie: vrdominguez/dinaip:latest (Dockerfile)
  • Based on Alpine Linux: vrdominguez/dinaip:alpine (Dockerfile)


Start the service

Launch the docker as a daemon with

docker run -d -e DHUSER=mydinahostinguser -e DHPASS=mydinahostingpass -v /your/local/dir/for/config:/var/persistent vrdominguez/dinaip

Add a new zone to update

Launch the dinaip command in docker container with

docker exec -ti container_name_or_id dinaip -a

Stop dinaip service

To stop dinaip and preserve configuration you must use the command:

docker exec -ti container_name_or_id dinaip -d

WARNING: With docker stop you will miss your configuration

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