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Daemon for my raspberry's lcd screen
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Python daemon which shows system info using the Nokia LCD screen sold by Texy at Raspberry Pi forums

nokiaSPY was created by bgreat from the Raspberry Pi forums


  • Put the code in /home/lcd-daemon (or any other place you like)
  • Grab nokiaSPI code and put it into "./base/"
  • Copy config.yml-dist to config.yml and edit it as needed
  • Create an init.d script (Example)
  • Start the daemon with "service lcd-daemon start", where lcd-daemon stands for your init.d script

Autostart at system startup:

As root, add the init.d script to rc with update-rc.d: update-rc.d lcd-daemom defaults


At this moment, only Vodafone HG556a is supported for ADSL data and public IP grab, you can add your own router to base/ (you can add Ip and Adsl to excluded commands at config.yml for a quick test of the daemon)

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