Some boilerplate code to get a JQuery Mobile/Twitter Bootstrap Sinatra application up and running fast
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Sinatra Boilerplate

Sinatra Boilerplate is a lightweight project skeleton for getting a Sinatra project up and running as quickly as possible.

Once you have cloned the project onto your machine, run:

bundle install

And then:

rake --tasks

This will show you some helpful tasks that Sinatra Boilerplate provides.

After you have done that run:

ruby main.rb

And browse to localhost:4567. Here you will find more information regarding how files are organized within the project.

Main Features

  • Rake tasks to automatically update JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap (if you don't wish to use these, there is a task to remove them)
  • Helpers for partials, flash messages and detecting mobile devices
  • Sass/Scss, with a rake task to automatically compile a minified version of your stylesheets.
  • Datamapper (see Gemfile and main.rb for instructions on deploying to Heroku)
  • Minitest (the rake task will still work if you choose to use TestUnit)

Planned Improvements

  • Modernizr
  • Rake stats task
  • Replace JQuery Mobile with responsive Bootstrap layouts
  • Lots more still under consideration

Issues & Feedback

If you have any problems or you're using this for something let me know!

Demo runs here