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This MATLAB codes simulates deterministic or randomized version of the Surface Quasi-Geostrophic (SQG) model.
The random dynamics is based on the transport under location uncertainty. The ensuing model is referred to as SQG model under moderate uncertainty (SQG_MU).

This codes needs the MATLAB image processing toolbox.
Launch the script main.m to execute the algorithm.
Plots and MAT-files are saved each day of simulation in the folder images.

Several parameters can be changed easily in the beginning of the script main.m.

## References

1. ["Geophysical flows under location uncertainty, Part I", V. Resseguier et al., 2017.][1]
2. ["Geophysical flows under location uncertainty, Part II", V. Resseguier et al., 2017.][2]
3. ["Geophysical flows under location uncertainty, Part III", V. Resseguier et al., 2017.][3]


## Resources / contact

* [Fluminance team @ Inria Rennes](
* [V. Resseguier](
* [P. Derian](