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Micropython driver for Sure Electronics' HT1632C bicolor led matrix
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MicroPython lib for HT1632C led matrix from Sure Electronics

This library was written to control the Sure Electronics 32x16 bicolor led matrix from MicroPython. It has only been tested with an ESP8266 and the 32x16 bicolor matrix, using it on the 24x16 or 32x8 versions probably won't work as is. If you can help providing support for them, please be welcome :)

## Wiring

This is the default pin layout to control the matrix:

ESP8266 HT1632C Color GPIO
D5 DATA Blue 14
D6 CS Green 12
D7 WR Yellow 13
D8 CLK Orange 15 

This can be easily overriden using the *_pin params in the constructor:

HT1632C(clk_pin=15, cs_pin=12, data_pin=14, wr_pin=13, intensity=PWM_10_16)

Special thanks

This library is heavily inspired from these C and C++ libraries:

Kudos to their authors!

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