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bash bash: Update git completion scripts from v2.0.1
bin Add apg and pyenv to list_installed
doc vim: Add <leader>r to replace all
procmail ignore local filters in procmail.
script Disable power management stuff after Yosemite reinstall
share Add multimarkdown style sheet
spamassassin Lower spamassassin score slightly
vim vim: Specify utf-8 coding differently in python template
.gitignore Add custom keyboard layout in windows
bash_profile Add dotfiles/bin to path if exists
bashrc bash: Define custom packer cache location
createlinks.bat For windows create link to firefox user.js Setup XDG Basedir paths in bashrc
gemrc Add .gemrc and .rvmrc files.
gitconfig.versioned git: Add a couple aliases
gitignore Change git symlinks to use new xdg config directory
gvimrc Update gvimrc for windows
inputrc Add several cool bash tricks from
lftprc Add .lftprc
procmailrc removed the dot from all the dotfiles.
readme.mkd Give reminder to set user settings in git
rvmrc Add .gemrc and .rvmrc files.
screenrc Cleanup trailing white spaces
vimrc Revert "vim: Switch to using MiniBufExpl"



Have kept this in subversion for a while but finally cleaned up all the sensitive information (git rebase --interactive ftw) and making it public. Not as robust as others I've seen but it works for me.


While I don't expect anyone to use this on their system but pick and choose what they want, here's how I set it up on a new computer.

  • after clone, run ./
    • for some files I maintain a separate versioned file like my gitconfig since my actual one has a signing key and author fields could change if I'm at work. This will notice I don't have a gitconfig and copy from gitconfig.versioned. This will be done to other files as well
    • creates symlinks for the specified files.
  • edit gitconfig and enter your email address. I kept this out of git so bots don't pick up the email address.
  • if you want, add the bin folder to your path. See Directories for details.
  • on linux or mac run bin/ install to setup a cron entry for that command
  • if this is running on a machine where your default git info doesn't match up with github (like at work) don't forget to set those here:

    git config ''
    git config 'Todd Eddy'


These directories don't relate to a program and are not symlinked by default. If it's not specified here then assume it's for a specific program.

  • _archive/ - If I no longer have a use for something but I still want to keep it around in case I do in the future, it goes here. This could include one time scripts that I'll never run again but can be good reference for future tasks.
  • bin/ - Contains commonly used files. You can get this in your path via two ways. First is to symlink it to ~/bin assuming you don't have already. The other way is to create ~/.bashrc_local with the content export PATH="~/dotfiles/bin:$PATH". This isn't done automatically so you know which option to choose or if to even bother with it. Also don't assume if the file doesn't end in an extension that it's a binary. More than likely it isn't.
  • doc/ - For the most part these are just quick reference documents. Anything more detailed than that I'll use simplenote or similar
  • script/ - Less commonly used scripts.


A non-exhaustive list of files. Most files should have a -h or --help option. Also just look at the comments at the top of the file.

  • bin/ - (Mac only) contains all the various defaults write changes I use. This may need to be run occasionally since the chflags nohidden on the library folder seems to reset occasionally.
  • bin/show_app_versions - Checks if a program exists and prints out the version. Can be used beyond initial setup to verify the current version of a program.
  • bin/ - Cleans up the backup directories used by vim. This should be run from cron at regular intervals. Call it like ./ install and it will attempt to install into cron automatically. This is specific to linux and mac so windows machines will need to handle this some other way at least until I can create a script for windows.
  • - Run this to create symlinks to various common files. Currently this is only the common ones. Files that are more specific to a single machine aren't included here. Works on both linux and mac.
  • createlinks.bat - A simplified batch file of above to use on windows. All it does is setup symlinks for vim.

Patching gitconfig file with updates

Should still keep backups but for reference here's how to patch my local gitconfig with the versioned one. Indeed it's rather complicated because the -I option doesn't actually work right.

diff -u -B <(grep -vE '^\s*(signingkey|email)' gitconfig) \
    <(grep -vE '^\s*(signingkey|email)' gitconfig.versioned) \
    | patch -p2 gitconfig

Leave out the patch part to see what changes would be applied.

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