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# src:
set -e
set -u
# Get the directory this script is in
script_dir="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
# Set XDG values if not set already
export XDG_DATA_HOME="${XDG_DATA_HOME:-$HOME/.local/share}"
# Usage: relink "destination" "source"
function relink() {
ln -s -n -v $2 $1 || true
# Checks if directory exists, if not creates it with minimal permissions.
# Note: This intentionally doesn't create parent directories. Reason is with the
# -p option it will create the parent directories but with default permissions.
# It will only use the mode specified with -m for the final folder. A possible
# future enhancement is to make this a recursive function.
# Usage: create_dir "/full/path/to/directory"
function create_dir() {
if [ ! -d "$1" ]; then
mkdir -m 0700 "$1"
cd "${script_dir}"
if [ ! -f gitconfig ]; then
echo "creating local .gitconfig"
cp gitconfig.versioned gitconfig
cd "${HOME}"
relink .bash "${dotfiles}/bash"
relink .bashrc "${dotfiles}/bashrc"
relink .bash_profile "${dotfiles}/bash_profile"
relink .inputrc "${dotfiles}/inputrc"
relink .vim "${dotfiles}/vim"
relink .vimrc "${dotfiles}/vimrc"
relink .gemrc "${dotfiles}/gemrc"
relink .rvmrc "${dotfiles}/rvmrc"
# Create XDG Basedir directories if they don't exist
create_dir "${XDG_CACHE_HOME}"
create_dir "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}"
create_dir "${HOME}/.local"
create_dir "${XDG_DATA_HOME}"
# Use XDG directories for git. Requires v1.7.12+
if [ -f "${HOME}/.gitconfig" ]; then
echo "~/.gitconfig already exists, not using new config structure"
create_dir "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/git"
cd "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/git"
relink config "${dotfiles}/gitconfig"
relink ignore "${dotfiles}/gitignore"
cd "${HOME}"
# put lftprc in XDG directory
rm -f "${HOME}/.lftprc"
create_dir "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/lftp"
cd "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/lftp"
relink rc "${dotfiles}/lftprc"
cd "${HOME}"
# put screenrc in XDG directory
rm -f "${HOME}/.screenrc"
create_dir "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/screen"
cd "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/screen"
relink screenrc "${dotfiles}/screenrc"
cd "${HOME}"
# Comment out since bloomfilter doesn't seem to work. Use -r wordlist instead
## see if we need to generate bloom filter for apg
#if [[ ! -f ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/apg/bloomfilter ]] \
# && command -v apgbfm 1>/dev/null 2>&1; then
# if [[ -f /usr/share/dict/words ]]; then
# echo "Generating bloomfilter for apg. This may take a few seconds..."
# create_dir "${XDG_DATA_HOME}/apg"
# apgbfm -q -s -d /usr/share/dict/words -f ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/bloomfilter
# else
# echo "Unable to generate bloomfilter, /usr/share/dict/words doesn't exist."
# echo "Install a dictionary with:"
# echo
# echo " sudo apt-get install ispell"
# fi
# echo "Apg is not installed. It's recommended to install the apg package for"
# echo "use when generating passwords"
echo "This only sets up common files. Additional files to setup if you use them"
echo "include procmail, spamassassin, and gvimrc"
exit 0