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" Pickup new changes if not changed in vim. Used to this in gui editors but
" not command line, so it's only mentioned here.
set autoread
" gvim supports 256 colors
set t_Co=256
" show line numbers in gui (another thing used to gui editors)
set number
" in gvim I do :wq when I really just want to :w, so force that
cmap wq w
" stop cursor blinking
set guicursor+=n-v-c:blinkon0
" disable toolbar and scroll bars (need to do -= options one at a time)
" there are more scroll bar options but these are the ones added by default
set guioptions-=T " remove toolbar
set guioptions-=r " right scroll bar
set guioptions-=L " left scroll bar
" use dark solarized color scheme
set background=dark
colorscheme solarized
" For NERDTree if gui leave window open and allow single click on anything
let NERDTreeQuitOnOpen = 0 " Quit on opening files from the tree
let NERDTreeMouseMode = 3 " default is 1 (double click everything)
let NERDTreeDirArrows = 1 " fancy arrows
" begin OS specifics options
if has("gui_macvim")
" MacVIM
set lines=45 columns=126 " width is to allow nerdTree
"set guifont=Inconsolata:h16
set guifont=Office\ Code\ Pro\ D\ Light:h14
elseif has("win32") || has("win64")
" Windows
set lines=50 columns=126 " width is 106 to allow 100 + line numbers
set guifont=Consolas:h12
" use standard syntax to set font
set guifont=Inconsolata\ 12