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Simplenote Command-line Interface Build Status Code Issues

Currently just a way to do offsite backups via command-line but will eventually be a more full-featured simplenote client.

Development Status

It currently works but still consider alpha until things are cleared up.

CAUTION: if you use this right now only have it run like once a week or longer. It pulls all notes regardless if they changed or not. So if you have 300 notes it's going to make a total of 304 api requests to simplenote (300 notes + 3 index calls + 1 login) each time you run this! Eventually it will have a cache so it will only download the notes that have changed, allowing it ro run more frequently.


  • This is the library that is used by
  • The frontend command line interface.

Getting started

Copy config.ini.default to config.ini and add your login information. Then run to get a backup of your entire simplenote database. Use the -o option to set the output file.

Formats supported

Currently it exports as JSON. It tries to be compatible with simplenote import but the format could always change. There's also experimental xml output (has to be enabled in source code)