HOWTO: Heroku deployment

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Install git

Download git from and install it.

Set up a Heroku account

Sign up for Heroku and set it up following this guide:

Open a console terminal on OS X, Command prompt on Windows and a myriad of application on Linux

Download D&D on Rails

Go to a directory of your choice (inside it we will create a new directory for D&D on Rails).

Run git clone to download the application a new directory named Dungeons-and-Dragons-on-Rails.

Deploy the application on Heroku

Go to the created directory (cd Dungeons-and-Dragons-on-Rails).

Run heroku create --stack cedar to create a new application on Heroku to deploy our code.

Run heroku addons:add mongohq:free to add MongoDB to your application (this is the database we use).

Run git push heroku master to deploy the code.

Run heroku open to open the newly deployed application.

Enjoy :-)