HOWTO: Local installation

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I assume you already have ruby 1.9 and rubygems.

Open a console terminal on OS X, Command prompt on Windows and a myriad of application on Linux.

Get MongoDB

Download it from

Run it from a terminal with mongod.

Install git

Download git from and install it.

Download D&D on Rails

Go to a directory of your choice (inside it we will create a new directory for D&D on Rails).

Run git clone to download the application to a new directory named Dungeons-and-Dragons-on-Rails.

Prepare the gems

Install bundler with gem install bundler.

Run rbenv rehash to update the executables (optional for rbenv).

Run bundle install to get all gems necessary to run the application.

Run bundle exec rspec spec to make sure everything works fine (green is good, red is bad).

Start the server with bundle exec rails server.

Point your browser to http://localhost:3000 and you should be seeing something like