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VRK suomifi-ui-components in React components. Living styleguide (latest release/master-branch):


  • React-components (>=16.3) with Typescript support
  • Highly modular - all browser/app CSS-resets without global styles
  • Should work on all different existing React apps (>=16.3)
  • Highly customizable (CSS, CSS-in-JS)

Uses React 16.6.3 with Emotion and written in TypeScript. Styleguidist for presenting components.

Webpack 4 with awesome-typescript-loader and TSLint.

For testing: React-testing-library run by Jest with ts-jest (code coverage with built-in Istanbul). Code style with Prettier.

📦 Install

yarn add suomifi-ui-components

🔨 Usage

import { Button } from 'suomifi-ui-components';
ReactDOM.render(<Button />, mountNode);

🌊 Component.variant

Components have variant-property for different versions of the current component. Easiest way to use variant-prop is with (static method) Component.variant.

import { Button } from 'suomifi-ui-components';
<Button.secondary>This is seconday button</Button.secondary>;

Extending styles

Components' styles can be customized with Styled Components / Emotion:


HOX!!! If you use Styled Components you cannot use Component.variant (static methods) and you need to use variant-property to get variants from the styled(Component).

or using CSS-ClassName:

<Button className="button--custom">Example</Button>
.fi-button.button--custom {

Don't use !important, if really really needed - for specificity hack you can define styles using classNames multiple times .fi-button.button--custom.button--custom {...}

🕶 Using bare accessible components

Import accessible components without from library 'suomifi-ui-components/components'

import { Button } from 'suomifi-ui-components/components';
ReactDOM.render(<Button />, mountNode);



⌨️ Development


🤝 Contributing PRs Welcome

We welcome all contributions. Please read our first.



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