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Welcome to the MyoBridge wiki! This wiki has two main parts:

  • [The MyoBridge Firmware wiki](Getting Started with MyoBridge Firmware)
  • [The MyoBridge Arduino Library wiki](Getting Started with MyoBridge Library)

You can also visit the more extensive source code documentations:

Concept of MyoBridge

MyoBridge Concept

The Myo Gesture Control Armband features gesture recognition, motion tracking and muscular activity measurement. This data is very useful in various applications, since sensor data and events are sent wirelessly through a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to a host device and no complex wiring is required. Especially embedded systems can profit from the portability of the device, like the Arduino platform. Unfortunately, most BLE hardware has a very limited feature set, none of the available BLE modules could directly connect to the Myo Armband out of the box.

But this can be solved by developing a custom firmware for these modules, which then provides access to the Myo data and delivers it to another device, like an Arduino. The MyoBridge Firmware fits exactly this purpose. It is a custom firmware for the HM-11 BLE Module, which uses the Texas Instruments CC2541 Bluetooth LE System on a Chip.

When the MyoBridge is connected to a Myo Gesture Control Armband, the Arduino can send commands or receive sensor data from the Myo using the MyoBridge library. The communication between HM-11/MyoBridge and Arduino uses a simple two-wire serial connection, while the HM-11 module connects directly to the Myo Armband.

When using the Arduino library, you can easily read data from the Myo, without the need of any intermediate PC or phone.

You want to use the MyoBridge Firmware? [Get Started!](Getting Started with MyoBridge Firmware)

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