Controller part of MVC because I didn't like servlets and any other java frameworks
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Well this is the Controller part of MVC. I got inspired to do this because when I did my internship I was forced to use crappy frameworks like spring and jsf and I didn't like it at all.


You first need to add org.exploid.weeb.controller.Dispatcher as a Servlet in your web.xml.

A controller class needs to be annotated by @Controller and the argument is the url that will be used after the first /, example, UserController could be annotated by @Controller("users", "user") so you can access the page by going to /d/user/ or /d/users/


If you want to create custom helpers I suggest extending org.exploid.weeb.controller.Helper


I put up two small examples:

  • one that extends the default weeb helper class which is WeebsHelper. This example is at
  • one that only has the helper class has an instance variable so you can extend what you want instead of extending the helper class. This example is at