.NET bindings for VRPN
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.NET bindings for VRPN


  • VrpnNet - The .Net library for using VRPN.
  • PrintVals - A C# console program example of how to read values from a VRPN tracker device and a button device.
  • ImagerServerSample - A C# example program of how to transmit images using the VRPN imager through VrpnNet.
  • ImagerRemoteSample - A C# example program showing how to read images from a VRPN imager device.

XML Documentation Hints

VrpnNet is configured to build xml documentation that will work with the Object Browser in Visual Studio. Currently, only the imager classes are well documented. There are a couple of gotchas to be aware of when building this documentation (these are also noted in the GitHub issues):

  1. The documentation compiler will attempt to including any comment that starts with /// or /**, including those in the static linked vrpn libraries. To eliminate invalid documentation from the vrpn libraries they need to have all /// and /** comments removed. To do this, open all the headers in Visual Studio and do a find and replace using regular expressions for the following commands (without the quotes):
    • Find ///~(/) and replace with //
    • Find /\*\*~(\*) and replace with /*
  2. The documentation compiler incorrectly generates the tags for nullable parameters. Open the generated VrpnNet.xml file and find Nullable`1 and replace it with Nullable.
  3. The compilation of the documentation sometimes fails with a file not accessible warning. If this happens, clean the solution and rebuild.


The MIT License - see any source file for the full text.