Supported Compilers and Configurations

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Note that while portability is a highly-valued goal of the project, by virtue of the way things work, not all server device support is necessarily available on all platforms.

Via the CMake build (recommended)

TODO: What version of CMake can we depend on?

  • Windows:
    • Tested with Visual Studio versions:
      • 2008
      • 2010
      • 2012
      • 2013 (It even at least builds on 2013 for Windows RT/ARM targets, though Ryan has no way of testing those builds.)
    • Should work with Visual Studio 2005, though the Jenkins build currently isn't working for unrelated reasons.
    • Should work with Visual Studio 2015, but we haven't tried it.
    • Visual Studio Express editions work fine, though the lack of ATL prevents the current vrpn_Tracker_zSight driver from being included.
    • Has worked with various MinGW distributions, but no current CI build set up.
    • Has worked with Cygwin, IIRC, but no current CI build set up.
    • Works great with cross-compiling using MXE - not sure if there's a CI build for this still.
  • Linux:
    • x64: Tested with the latest Clang trunk snapshots in Debian Jessie.
    • x64: Via Travis-CI, tested on stock compilers and Clang for some stable Ubuntu.
    • Has built for Linux/ARM just fine in the past - no CI for this.
    • Has built for Android using android-CMake.
  • Mac:
    • Apparently works, but Ryan doesn't have access to a functional Mac to elaborate.
  • Other platforms: ? I know it works on all kinds of crazy old machines I don't have....

Via Visual Studio project files:

  • Should work with 2005 and newer, no CI set up.
  • VC6 projects available, I think? Ryan doesn't have Visual Studio 6.0 to test them.

Via makefile:

  • Works on Linux x64 - pretty sure I have a CI build going on a Scientific OS 6.x box.
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