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Commits on Feb 22, 2012
@erh erh don't run loglong in sharding passthrough 5db31ca
Greg Studer SERVER-4711 use uassert not massert for sharding exceptions - these d…
…o not require a stacktrace

Core issue is that printing stack traces here is not entirely safe, also slow.
@kchodorow kchodorow Add lag to _replSet page SERVER-3575 2eec128
@kchodorow kchodorow Clock skew clarifiaction SERVER-3575 1e51e26
@erh erh lower log level on a background thread 32944fa
@erh erh better error mesage on internal error on indexing 2daa081
@erh erh fix applyOps across databases 4a4e3a0
@erh erh OplogReader: make handshake and tailable query options configurable d91c4ee
@erh erh fix mongooplog and add a sanity test a61b5f3
unknown SERVER-4892 fix test so Windows version doesn't assert
Fix from Andy ... remove assert around stopMongod( port ) at
end of test in jstests/auth/server-4892.js .
@tadmarshall tadmarshall SERVER-4892 fix CRLF line endings a5bd61d
U-tellus\cwestin SERVER-5012 b2cce77
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
@kchodorow kchodorow getMore uasserts when RS member becomes unreadable SERVER-4853 9c14d20
@kchodorow kchodorow Fix compile SERVER-4853 51fbd62
Dan Crosta SERVER-5057 safely invoke from SConscript.smoke
this correctly handles arguments with spaces, quotes, etc
Andy Schwerin SERVER-5057 C++ Client Build Break
Remove support for building a shared client library from the client source
distribution, because it is broken.

Fix the clientBuild "scons" alias, to correctly build and test the C++ driver as part of the
nightly build.  There were some type errors, before.
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
@agirbal agirbal SERVER-4921: fixing test further 7804ea7
Dan Crosta scons can run --only-old-fails and --reset-old-fails fe8cd5a
Dan Crosta BUILDBOT-95 run_smoke_command takes separate args, not one big string d603bf7
Dan Crosta BUILDBOT-95: need AlwaysBuild and SideEffect for recent failures bbace48
@milkie milkie SERVER-4758 tcp timeout should be at least 60 seconds 0b88db9
Greg Studer SERVER-5069 replace ScopedDBConnection message with something more me…
@agirbal agirbal SERVER-4921: fixing test further 6c93e73
@agirbal agirbal SERVER-4921: had inversed conditional 79a8b1e
Greg Studer SERVER-4987 if using sharded connections, always need to handle Stale…
@tadmarshall tadmarshall SERVER-5073 fix failing test in 32-bit Windows
Use the "force" option in the Windows version's kill_wrapper()
routine (called by the StopMongoProgram() and related shell
commands) so we can shut down a replica set primary after we have
shut down the secondaries.  Increase the timeout before using the
Windows TerminateProcess() API from 30 seconds to 60 seconds to
reduce the window for a race.
Dan Crosta SERVER-5071: in close failfile before deleting it ca3315f
@stbrody stbrody Buildbot - don't try to create admin user twice. 78c281f
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
@RedBeard0531 RedBeard0531 Dont add addUser lines to shell history SERVER-3768 88db626
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