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Save favorites topics to PDF
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usage: [-h] [-d OUTPUT_DIR] [--from-date FROM_DATE]
                  [--to-date TO_DATE] [--all-in-one]
                  [--only-hubs [ONLY_HUBS [ONLY_HUBS ...]]] [--no-comments]

Tool for save favorite posts from in pdfs

positional arguments:
  user         username

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d OUTPUT_DIR, --output-dir OUTPUT_DIR
                        Directory for output
  --from-date FROM_DATE
                        From date
  --to-date TO_DATE     To date
  --all-in-one          Save all posts in one PDF-file
  --only-hubs [ONLY_HUBS [ONLY_HUBS ...]]
                        Save only posts from hubs. For multiple: "--only-hubs
                        Hub1 Hub2 --"
  --no-comments         Dont save comments from posts
  --no-symlinks         Dont create symlinks to posts
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