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Too lazy to click the skip buttons in Youtube? Too much effort clicking the x on popup ads? Don't worry, this extension will do it for you.

Essentially, this is what this (unpacked) Chrome extension does:

  • skip ads whenever the skip button becomes available
  • click away popup ads in the blink of an eye
  • mute video ads
  • avoid "are you still watching" popups
  • click "next video" rather than waiting for the timer
  • enable picture-in-picture (swap the "miniplayer" button with a "picture-in-picture" button)
  • defer pausing until the ads have finished playing
  • hide the cookie dialog (mostly useful for incognito tabs)

All of these can be enabled and disabled. Check the YoutubePls icon in the toolbar for options.

How to create a new feature

This section is mostly for personal reference, but feel free to play around with it yourself. If you think your feature should be added, be sure to make a pull request!

First, think of a short, accurate name for the feature. Let's take "mute ads" as an example. Then:

  • Create a file in content/features/ using the feature name, e.g. content/features/mute-ads.js.
  • Add the file to the content_scripts in manifest.json.
  • Set a default in service-worker.js. For example, add muteAds: true to the list of defaults.
  • Add a toggle and a description in popup/index.html (the data-option attribute should match the name given to the service-worker in the previous step).
  • Now, time for the functionality. All of it should be written in the previously created file.

How do you write a new feature? It's easy! Here's the boilerplate feature file:

(async () => {
    await new Promise(resolve => {
        if(window.setup) return resolve();
        window.addEventListener('YoutubePlsLoaded', resolve);

    const {youtubePls, player} = window;

    youtubePls.addFeature('[feature name]', {




The bit at the top is to make sure the setup file runs first, so that you have all the necessary tools available. Then, change '[feature name]' to the camel-case feature name (the same as the one you put in the defaults in service-worker.js). Now, all you need to do is write your code so that the connect method sets everything up that is necessary to make the feature active, and disconnect breaks everything down (disconnects event listeners, mutation observers, etc). And, done! Have a look at content/index.js for the available tools, and snoop around the existing features for some examples.


This is a chrome extension to make your Youtube experience better.







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