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A Java UDF for evaluating PMML models on the Apache Pig platform (


  • Apache Pig 0.14.0 or newer.


Enter the project root directory and build using [Apache Maven] (

mvn clean install

The build produces an uber-JAR file target/jpmml-piglet-distributable-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.


Add the uber-JAR file to Apache Pig classpath:

REGISTER target/jpmml-piglet-distributable-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;

The following example scores the src/etc/Iris.csv CSV file with the src/etc/RandomForestIris.pmml PMML file.

Importing data from the CSV file:

iris_data = LOAD 'src/etc/Iris.csv' USING PigStorage(',')
	AS (Sepal_Length:double, Sepal_Width:double, Petal_Length:double, Petal_Width:double);

DESCRIBE iris_data;

Defining a Java UDF for the PMML file:

DEFINE iris_rf org.jpmml.piglet.PMMLFunc('src/etc/RandomForestIris.pmml');

Scoring data using the Java UDF:

iris_rf_prediction = FOREACH iris_data GENERATE iris_rf(*);

DESCRIBE iris_rf_prediction;

DUMP iris_rf_prediction;


JPMML-Piglet is dual-licensed under the [GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.0] ( and a commercial license.

Additional information

Please contact [] (