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YCSB FawnKV client library instructions:

1) Place the fawnkv directory under $(YCSB_ROOT)/db/
2) Edit build.xml to include fawnkv by adding:

<target name="dbcompile-fawnkv" depends="compile">
        <property name="db.dir" value="db/fawnkv"/>
        <antcall target="dbcompile"/>

3) Copy FawnKVClt.jar, libthrift.jar, and the two slf4j jars in fawn/lib/java/ to $(YCSB_ROOT)/db/fawnkv/lib/.

4) Edit FawnKVClient.java in $(YCSB_ROOT)/db/fawnkv/src/com/yahoo/ycsb/db/ to specify the frontend IP and port in the init() function.  (TODO: make this a command line param?)

5) Compile YCSB with FawnKV by typing
$ ant dbcompile-fawnkv

Running a workload (workloada as an example)

1) Start the FawnKV frontend(s) and backends

2) Run:

$ java -cp build/ycsb.jar:db/fawnkv/lib/* com.yahoo.ycsb.Client -t -db com.yahoo.ycsb.db.FawnKVClient -P workloads/workloada

3) See results!